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Do you buy Fairtrade products?

Have you heard about the Fairtrade movement? Do you buy Fairtrade products when you do your weekly shopping? Do you believe it helps the farmers and growers in poor countries, or is it all a con? Give your opinions here!
1. Have you heard of the Fairtrade movement?
I've vaguely heard about it
2. Do you know what the Fairtrade Mark looks like?
Yes, definitely
I have a vague idea
No, no idea at all
3. Have you bought Fairtrade products?
Yes, I buy them all the time
Yes, I buy them sometimes
Yes, I buy them occasionally
No, I never buy Fairtrade products (jump to question 6)
4. Which Fairtrade products have you bought? (check all that apply)
Sports balls
Other Fairtrade product
5. What do you think of the quality of Fairtrade products?
It is even better than mainstream brands
It is comparable with mainstream brands
It is slightly inferior to mainstream brands
It is substantially inferior to mainstream brands
6. Were you aware that many of the products we consume on a daily basis, such as tea, coffee, sugar, and cocoa (to make chocolate), come from poor countries in the Third World?
Yes, I knew that
No, I did not know that
I am not interested in where these products come from
7. Do you believe that purchasing Fairtrade products really does help poor farmers and workers in Third World countries to get higher prices and better working conditions?
Yes, I believe that 100%
I am very confident that it does
I think maybe it does
I'm not sure
I have my doubts about whether it does
I very much doubt that it makes any difference
No, absolutely not, it makes no difference at all. "Fairtrade" is just a trick to get us to pay more money!
8. Supposing for the sake of argument that Fairtrade does help poor Third World farmers and workers. You may or may not think so, but just for this question only, assume it does. How much more would you be prepared to pay for Fairtrade products, if it really did help poor Third World farmers and workers?
Even if I knew it helped them, I still would not pay any more. It is not my problem.
I would be prepared to pay 10% - 20% more
I would be prepared to pay 30% - 40% more
I would be prepared to pay 50% - 60% more
I would be prepared to pay 70% - 80% more
I would be prepared to pay double the normal price
I would be prepared to pay two and a half times the normal price
I would be prepared to pay three times the price of mainstream brands, or even more
9. What do you think is the best way to help poor Third World countries?
Fair Trade
Aid (giving them money)
I don't know
Other answer (feel free to post on message board)
10. Thank you for giving me your opinions on this. When I have a reasonable number of replies, I will send the results to the Fairtrade Foundation head office in London. Best wishes to you.
OK, no problem
Shut your mouth, you fool
Salmon fishcakes
This poll was created on 2008-08-27 17:06:19 by Predator