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9/11: 7 years later

I'm curious to see how peoples views have changed or stayed the same over time.
Who was behind the events that occurred on 9/11?
The U.S. Government
Osama bin Laden
Saddam Hussein
What hit the twin towers?
Hijacked planes
Government controlled planes
What caused the towers to fall?
Explosive devices
The fire from the planes and fuel
What do you think of the conspiracy theories?
They made valid points and have enough evidence to warrant further investigation.
They have many speculations but no facts or evidence to warrant further investigation.
They prove that it was an inside job.
They are ridiculous claims and should be ignored.
Both a and c
Both b and d
What do you think of the people who have made these conspiracy theories?
They are searching for the truth and genuinely believe what they say.
They are the true patriots.
They just want attention.
They should be tried for treason.
both a and b
both c and d
What do you think of the war on terror?
Its just our leaders wanting to flex our military muscle.
It has to be done for the safety of the United States and the world.
It started out valid but now we should bring everyone home.
We need to stay and finish the job.
It's pointless
Which presidential candidate has similar views to yours?
Which candidate will be better at protecting our country?
McCain because of his experience.
Obahma because of his willingness to speak with other world leaders.
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