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Separation of church and state, or lack thereof

The U.S. of A., A glorious country (sometimes) that has a constitution that gives us the right to practice any religion of our choosing, or the lack thereof. However, the government has the opportunity to pass religious and morally-based laws, such as abortion, gay rights, praying in school, and the ever-famous creationism V. darwinism (LA gov., Bobby Jindal even said that creationism can be taught in schools as a supplement to evolution). Now, the moment of truth, do you believe that that is okay...
okay, just read the description...
in some cases
do you think that the U.S. government should be
pro life
pro choice
Gay rights
Gay couples should have the same benefits as straight couples
Straight couples should have, either exclusively or not, more benefits than gay couples
praying in school
children should never be forced to pray, especially in a government-funded setting
Praying in school just brings children closer together. There is no guaruntee that children from religious families will pray on their own time, and so this is the only way that you can ensure that your children are doing what they're supposed to
more school
Darwinism is science, and it is the only thing that the government should be teachingtheir kids. Religious school is separate and it should be kept so.
ditto, but children should have a little exposure to another option. emphasize the evolution, but teach both
it is unfair to emphasize one point of view over the other. Children need options of what to beleive if neither sde can be proven. teach both equally
Evolution is just as provable as creationism. Evolution is fuzzier, though, so the emphasis should be put on the side that has every step. However, we should supplement it with evolution so as to not force our children to be religious. teach both, emphasize creatioinism.
evoluion is far too fuzzy to be taught in schools. teach creationism, which is the full story.
this issue is far too controversial. just take this out of the curriculum.
Morally based laws
I believe that morals are pivotal to our society. It is like anarchy if people without morals are running around without morally based laws to guide them.
I believe Morals are great, but they're different for everyone. People should abide by their morals, just keep them out of my constitution.
would you please post and tell me what you believe and why? If you're really nice, I'll tell you what I belive.
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