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Rule your country!! You decide!

How would you run your own country? Theres plenty of options to chose from, You say it.
Yes. People are free to vote on who they want.
Yes, but not so often, so i can stay "a little more" in power.
Elections? I rule the country! Ban them!
How would you deal with the different social orders?
I would try my best to give them equal opportunities.
I would keep an eye on the richest people and make them pay more taxes.
Easy. The poor treated like poor, the "medium classes" like that, and the rich as rich.
I would take all their money away from them. I mean, a little tax of 100% would do the trick.
Would you kept an eye on the country's economy?
Yes. The economy is very important.
No. I rather fill my own pockets.
How about your Political freedoms?
Political freedoms must exist, but cant be excessive.
The government must have more freedom them its own people.
Hell, if im in charge my government has all the freedom!
I don't need "advisor's". I rule my own country and I have all the freedom!
Should people have civil rights?
Yes. People are free in this world.
People should have some civil rights, but not to many.
Well, people should be under control and having minimal civil rights.
No! People should work for me! If they behave well they will be rewarded, if not, they will be tortured!
Should military service be compulsory?
No. People have the right to decide if they want it or not.
Not compulsory, but at the age of 18, they must go to the military camp. Age 20-22 they get out.
Yes! The country's defense is ahead of everything!
What about security?
A couple of policeman's with some sticks would do it.
Police with guns would do the job.
SWAT teams constantly patrolling the areas.
I would create a secret force that whiped who screwed up.
Vigilance cameras all over the country (except my house), Tanks patrolling the street and snipers on the roofs 24/7.
To conclude, what about your speech if you were elected to run the country?
"Thank you to all the people! God bless them! I will put the economy back on the right track and make sure everyone has a job, earns money and has respect! God bless "My Country, god bless you!"
"This was a wise choice! Good to know you trust me. I will try to run the country the best way possible."
"You will see me many, many years here..."
"Bow to me peasants!"
This poll was created on 2008-08-12 03:34:17 by Atum