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Globalisation a threat or not?

Fundamentalists see globalisation as an evil plot by the secular west to force western ideals on the world as a step to a one world government. They see it as a threat to their religions. Is this the case or is globalisation a force for good, a necessary evil or just a bunch of capitalists aiming to take over the world and run it as a multi-national company?
Secular Nationalism under Tito kept Yugoslavia as one country. After his death Yugoslavia has slowly and painfully broken up into smaller states and ancient disputes have led to attempts, mainly by the Orthodox Christian Serbians to 'ethically cleanse' these new states of the indiginous Islamic population. This break up seems to be a move away from globalisation. Is a move away from globalisation going to necessarily a violent one
Yes the Serbs were the threat to peace in those countries
No matter what, Ethnic cleansing cannot be excused
Splitting into smaller countries is a mistake - they would have been better off remaining in the larger, more secure Yugoslavia
Splitting into smaller countries, even with the violence and turmoil was the best move as people now have more control over decisions which directly affect their lives
Orthodox Montenegro splitting from Serbia proves that not just the Islamic population felt threatened
Yes the Islamic population were a threat to the Serbian population
When Islamic Fundamentalists take control of a country (Iran, Afghanistan for example) those countries cut themselves off from the outside world yet their belief is that the world will one day through conquest be one large Islamic State ruled over by a great Islamic Prince. Why then do they isolate themselves from the rest of the world when surely if the world saw how wonderful living in an islamic state is, they would rush to join them?
If the people in the state remember what they are missing they might revolt and demand a return to western ways
They know that people who saw a totalitarian Islamic state for what it was would be determined not to let Islam take over the world
They do not want the new, pure Islamic state to be contaminated by the outside world
The people of the state have been tainted by western secular culture and they need to be isolated so they can recover and embrace the totalitarian Islamic culture
A Christian Fundamentalist - Timothy McVeigh - was responsible for the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building. He saw the Federal Government as being involved in a plot with the UN to impose secular globalisation on the world - a threat to his religion. Is the Christian Fundamentalist Right as much of a threat to world peace as Islamic Fundamentalism?
The Christian Fundamentalist Right is a bigger threat
All fundamentalists are a threat to peace and stability
Globalisation is the real threat
Islamic Fundamentalism is a bigger threat
In the Indian Sub Continent Hindu, Islamic, Sikh, Tamil and Senalese Fundamentalist threaten the peace of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Some say that the British were wrong to try to keep all of India as one large country when it should have been broken up into many smaller countries based on those which existed before the Brits took over. Would India have fared better if it had been split into smaller countries?
Are you kidding, India's one of the fastest growing economies in the World - the benefits of scale have brought about this economic marvel
There would have been no difference - Fundamentalists don't care about boundaries - they would have started with the weakest small country and developed from there - by keeping the larger nations fundamentalists were not able to infiltrate as easily
At least the small countries wouldn't have wasted resources on a nuclear arms race as Pakistan and India have done
The smaller countries would have been able to make their own decisions without worrying about what their neighbours were up to - the economic miracle would have happened sooner
Christian Fundamentalists believe that a leader will emerge who will rally the forces opposed to christ and the world will be cleansed through the war of Armageddon which will result in a new Eden fit for Christians. Isn't that nearly what the Islamic fundamentalists believe?
The Trolls and Orcs and Giants, led by the god of mischief - Loki - will attack the Earth in the final battle of Ragnarock when the heroes and the gods will banish all the evil ones to Hell leading to a new Utopia under Odin
There are no gods, there is no god (Christian or Muslem or Jew - same one really, anyway he doesn't exist) so no Armageddon, no Islamic Prince, no Ragnarock
Humankind will eventually destroy itself in a silly world war but not because of any god(s) just because those in power are stupid
They are both wrong - the Jews are right, the Messiah will come and lead them to paradise
Not at all - the Christians are Right
Not at all the Muslims are right
Fundamentalist Militant Buddists released Serin Gas in the underground in Tokyo to simulate the end of the world. What were they thinking?
A wee dress rehearsal - it's going to happen sooner or later. So someone dies - no harm done!
How should I know all fundamentalists are raving loonies who should be locked up
I'm a militant Buddist - isn't that totally against the teachings of Budda - sh it I'd better get rid of it - hey the undergrounds as good a place as any!
I've got some serin gas, here's a fun thing to do!
As the world begins to rely on multi national corporations globalisation takes a greater hold. Is this good or bad.
Bad - globalisation encourages fundamentalists and conspiracy theorist and will eventually lead to a major conflagration which will see humankind wiped from the face of tghe earth
Good - we need to realise that the world is a much smaller place than we ever thought and we need to work together (ALL OF US) to adress the very real problems that isolationism has caused
Bad - globalisation taked decisions away from ordinary people and puts them into the hands of an elite few. Democracy suffers
Good - if the world relies on each other then war is less likely
Good - if you are a cockroach!!!
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