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Men: What would you do for your spouces?

I had a guy I went out on one date with. On that date he asked me what I would want in a husband. I said I wanted to be cherished. He said he in all honesty didn't think he'd ever have the abilty to cherish another person. Then he asked "what do you mean by "cherish", and as I was describeing cherished, I mentioned I would want somebody who loved me so much they would die for me without even thinking about it. And he said "arn't you asking for an aweful lot?" I didn't want him to die at that moment for me, but if I was to get married I would want my spouce to do whatever they needed to do to if I was in danger. I want to be cherished, so much they would give me life for me if it was needed. So I want to know from you men who are married, what would you do for your wife?
Do you cherish your wife?
Would you risk your life for your wife if needed - say she was being attacked by a wild bear and you were the only other person there?
What would you do for your wife if she needed something?
anything else
Cover her with your own body, to save her from death - ex: when my father and I were in a car accident, he covered me with his own body to protect me - not that it would have helped from if the semi had actually hit us - but I appreciate the action
Wrap your arms around her - to protect her when it turns out the man in the mall had a gun and was waving it around.
Give her a kidney if you had a compatible one, and she was dieing of kidney failure
Give her your rain jacket if you were out and you had a rain jacket in the trunk, but she forgot hers.
This poll was created on 2008-06-29 05:56:33 by Thixia