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Would 'Cyder' be a better descriptive marketing term for full juice cider ?

Do you think that a move to the use of the term 'Cyder' to describe their products would enable the U.K. full juice cider movement to distance their produce - in the eyes of the public - from that 'cider' which is made by large scale industrial concerns using completely non-traditional methods. This poll is aimed mainly at U.K small scale commercial producers and cyder/cidermakers, but if you are an informed consumer/lover of traditionally made FERMENTED apple juice who understands the issue, wherever you may come from, please have your say too !

Given that, traditionally, cider was made by fermenting out fresh apple naturally, would you say that it is an improper use of the term 'cider' to apply it to a beverage made in the following way ? : Made largely from apple concentrate, industrial 'cider' has large amounts of sugar added to raise the alchohol level, all this sugar is then fermented out to give an unnaturally high alcohol %, it is then back-sweetened chemically, and diluted with H2O to an acceptable alcoholic strength.

12% (6) No, its still got apple content of some description, so it's cider
87% (41) Yes, a drink made in this way should not be termed cider

47 voters have answered this question.

It's a fact that most cider on sale in the U.K is made in this industrial fashion. Do you think that,in the minds of the general public, it is this style of widely available drink that they identify as being cider ?

4% (2) No
95% (45) Yes

47 voters have answered this question.

If you felt that the use of the term 'cider' by Industrial 'Cidermakers' (IC's) was improper, do you think it likely that the term 'cider' could be wrested back by small scale traditional cyder/cidermakers (SSCM) legally from misuse by the IC's ?

85% (40) No, they have to much financial clout
12% (6) Yes, it would be diffucult but could be done.
2% (1) No need to worry, if they were asked nicely they would immediately rebrand as 'Cider-based alcoholic beverage' or 'Ciderkin'.

47 voters have answered this question.

If you felt IC's would be unwilling to relinquish the term 'cider', do you feel it would be a good move if SSCM's who make their product traditionally, could distance, in the minds of the public, their quality produce from mass produced, chemically enhanced IC output ?

8% (4) No, things are fine as is. The public are discerning and can decide for themselves.
91% (43) Yes, quality should be more clearly marked out from quantity in this confusing age.

47 voters have answered this question.

If you felt moves toward differentiation would be advantageous, would a tweak to the name that SSCM's call their drink be a step in the right direction ?

27% (13) No, cider has been called cider for ages, everyone knows it by that name,it is not a term i would care to discard lightly.
72% (34) Yes, i would consider a change to a sympathetic name if,in the eyes of the punter, it helped to distinguish quality full juice cider from mass produced industrial 'cider'.

47 voters have answered this question.

Whether or not you thought a name tweak were a good idea, which of the following options would you favour if a consensus were reached within the SSCM world and a change agreed ?

31% (15) Real Cider; a modernish term that stresses difference.
12% (6) Craft Cider; an older sounding term stressing 'hand-made' difference.
0% (0) Zider; a term sometimes used in the West Country, associated with 'Farmhouse' style cider.
52% (25) Cyder; an 'olde'archaic spelling, once commonly used, sometimes (arguably) in relation to quality.
0% (0) Scrumpy; a well known term, usually associated with uncomplicated cloudy cider.
4% (2) Other; please let us know your particular preference in the 'Comments' section.

48 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-06-17 12:45:57 by The Marches Cyder Circle
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