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Househusband - Women only please

Which would you prefer?
My husband works, I am a homemaker
I work, my husband is a homemaker
We both work
Should one spouse stay home and raise the children, support the other spouse, and maintain the home?
Yes, it is important
Yes, it is best if one spouse does, but not that importand
It doesn't matter, the pros and cons of one person being a homemaker are about equal
No both spouses should work
Should the homemaker be the woman
Yes, only women should be homemakers, the man's role in society is to work
It doesn't matter either way. Men and women are both equally suitable for the task
No, Men should stay home since they are better suited for housework and women are better suited for work in a modern office
How would you feel if your husband wanted to be a househusband?
I would love it!! I would encourage him to quit his job ASAP.
I would like it, but I wouldn't be thrilled
I would be indifferent. If that's what he wants to do, he can.
I would rather not, but I wouldn't be too upset about it
I would not like it. He needs to be a man and support his family.
If your husband was a househusband, would that make you the head of the household, and his boss?
Yes, the person who works has the authority
No, the man is always the boss in the family
No, we would equal
Is it best when one person is the head of the family?
Yes, it resolves conflicts before they start and leads to greater harmony in the family
No, a marriage will only be happy if both spouses are equal
If you would not like your husband to be a househusband, why not?
Social pressure to conform
He has to work for me to respect him, and I have to respect him to love him.
He earns more money than I can
We are too accustomed to living on two incomes
He would not make a good househusband
I want to be a housewife
His parents would not approve
My parents would not approve
It is against my religion
I don't want the stress of having to provide for the family
None of the above. I want him to ba a househusband
How old are you?
What is your marital status?
Never married
Currently married
Divorced or widowed
If you would like your husband to be a househusband, why?
I want to have a career
I am not good at, or don't enjoy domestic work
It would make me proud to be able to support my family on my own
It would be a status symbol
The thought of it turns me on
My husband's physical strength makes him better suited for housework
My ability to multitask makes me better suited for work in an office
My competitiveness makes me better able to earn money for the family
I am better at communicating, which makes me better suited for work
I earn more money than he does or is able to
He wants to, and I would do it for him
It would give me greater authority over him
I would like to prove to the world that women can be leaders in the family
None of the above, I don't want a househusband
Maried women only please - In which ways Are You more dominant than your husband
I control the finances
I have the final authority in most decisins
None of the above
Married women only please - In which ways WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE more dominant than your husband
I would control the finances
I would have the final authority in most decisions
None of the above
What do you think of men who stay home while their wives work?
They are taking advantage of their wives
It is a legitimate career choice, and I respect them for not giving in to social presure
They are weak
It is romantic when a man sacrifices his career for his wife
Women who have househusbands only please - check all that are true
I am pleased with my husband's work
I end up doing too much housework when I get home. I wish my husband would accomplish more while I am at work
I feel I am being taken advantage of
I wish my husband would get a job
I would prefer to be a housewife
I am proud to have a househusband
I prefer my husband staying home
If you have a househusband, whose decision was it
He decided to become a househusband
I decided he should be my househusband
We both decided mutually
It was not a decision. Circumstances beyond our control made it this way.
I do not have a househusband.
Women who have househusbands - Would you please post a message sharing your experiences?
No, I don't want to
I don't have a househusband
Which would you prefer...
I am the head of the family. My husband is subserviant to me.
My husband is the head of the family. I am subservient to him.
We both have equal status in the family.
Married women only please - Which describes your current situation?
My husband works, I stay home
I work, my husband stays home
We both work, but I earn more
We both work, but he earns more
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