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Girls outmuscling guys

There has been a lot of discussion lately about women equaling and sometimes overcoming men in sports competition and contests of physical strength. In your experience, is this actually happening?
Are you a...
15 - 18
18 - 25
25 - 35
35 - 45
> 45
Have you ever witnessed, or been a part of, any of the following? Check all that apply.
Girl beating a guy at armwrestling
Girl winning against a guy in wrestling
Girl winning boxing match against a guy
Girl knocking a guy out with her fists
Girl lifting more weight than a guy
Girl beating a guy in a foot race
Girl outrunning a guy long-distance
Girl beating a guy in a team sport, such as soccer, basketball, or football
Girl lifting a guy more easily than he can lift her
Girl lifting a guy using only one arm
Girl beating a guy at armwrestling one arm against two
Girl doing more crunches than a guy
Girl doing more pullups than a guy
Girl doing more pushups than a guy
women only - What is the most weight you can curl multiple times with one arm?
< 10 pounds
10 - 20
20 - 30
30 - 40
40 - 50
> 50
In girl vs guy contests such as the ones listed above, when the male and female are about the same size and weight, who wins?
Guy always wins
Guy usually wins, but it's a struggle
Girl always wins easily
Girl usually wins, but she really has to try
It depends - on skill, experience, etc.
When girls outmuscle guys, the main reason is: (check all appropriate responses)
The guy is a skinny weakling
The guy wasn't trying and let her win
She is buff/ ripped, he isn't
Size & weight differences aside, she's packing more muscle
Pound for pound, women are simply stronger
This poll was created on 2008-06-07 20:42:14 by bigelowmax