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If you wanted to be famous?!?!

Lets just say you wanted to be famous, which one of these would you want to be??
A singer
An actress/actor
A musician
An author
A tv presenter
A comedian
A wrestler
Sports player (Golf, basketball, etc)
Reality tv star
Just a random rich person
A model
If you wanted to be a singer, would you rather be solo or in a girl/boyband?
In a girl/boyband
If you wanted to be an actor, what kind of actor would you want to be?
A comedy actor
An actor in a play
A movie actor
What do you think would be the best part about being famous??
Having everybody know who you are, calling your name
Getting paid and being able to buy whatever you want
Meeting other famous celebrities
Going to VIP parties and not having to pay to get in
Seeing yourself in magazines
Getting to travel around the world
Getting a huge mansion and swimming pool
Papparazi taking pictures of you
Having stories said about you in the papers and magazines
People being interested in you/being the centre of attention
What do you think would be the worst part about being famous?
People judging you, and talking about your life in the papers/magazines
Not seeing your family and friends much
Constantly having papparazi taking pictures of you and following you when you're tired
Having the fans hassling you
Not being able to go where you want on your own without being noticed
Being targeted by people who don't like you
Not being able to live a "Normal life"
Travelling too much and not getting to lie in and relax when you want to
Having people constantly watch your every move
This poll was created on 2008-06-14 22:43:33 by AngelsUnite