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Polar Bear Dip - Guys Only

Okay guys, here is your chance to share your experiance. If you are a female, please take my female version of this poll. Have you ever jumped in to freezing cold water in the winter? Please take this poll.
What is your gender?
Female (Please Read Results Only)
Females take your poll at http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/322392
Guys Only! Have you ever jumped into freezing cold water in the middle of the winter?
Yes, love it! Do it quite often.
Yes, I might do it again.
Yes, but it was the dumbest thing I've ever done and will never do it again!
No, but I'd be willing to try it.
Guys Only! If you answered yes, why did you jump in?
Because I think it's cool.
Was curious how it would feel.
I was dared to do it.
I was forced to do it.
Guys Only! How many times have you jumped in freezing cold water in the winter?
Just once.
2-5 times
5-10 times
11+ times! Dude, I'm a profesional!
Guys Only! How many people witnessed you going in?
No one, I was alone.
Just one other person
2-5 people
6-10 people
Guys Only! Did anyone take pictures, or video tape you diving in?
No one.
Pictures only
Video only
Video & Pictures
Guys Only! Is it published on the web?
Yes, Here is the link where.
Yes, but I am not going to share where.
No, but they will be.
No, and they never will.
Guys Only! If you were dared, who dared you?
My girlfriend
One of my guy friends
My brother
My sister
Another family member
I dared myself
A bunch of my friends dared me.
Guys Only! What were you doing when you were dared?
Playing Truth or Dare
Hanging out with my girlfriend / wife
Just with a friend
With a whole group of people
Guys Only! If you were dared, how many minutes were you dared to stay in?
Less than 1 minute, just jump in, and come right out.
1-2 minutes
3-5 minutes
6-10 minutes
11-20 minutes
More than 20 minutes
I was told to stay in as long as I could.
I wasn't given a time to stay in for.
Guys Only! How long did you stay in for?
It was only a few seconds, that water was freezing!
1 minute
2-5 minutes
6-10 minutes
11-15 minutes
16 - 20 minutes
Over 20 minutes! How long?
Guys Only! What did you wear on your feet?
Nothing, I was bear foot. How far did you have to walk barefoot?
Water socks / water shoes
Regular shoes
None of the above (please post)
Guys Only! What were you wearing when you jumped in the freezing cold water?
I had swim shorts (trunks) on
Dude, I was in a speedo or bikini brief
I was in my underwear (type of underwear)
Dude, I braved the chilling water in a thong swimsuit
Nothing, I was in my birthday suit!
Regular Shorts
T-shirt and/or shorts
I was fully clothed
Dude, part of the dare was to wear a girls bikini!! (Details?)
Guys Only! Were you given, or did you have a towel?
No, I was told I had to stand there dripping.
No, I had to walk inside without a towel. How far?
Guys Only! After I got out of the water,
I took a towel and dried off, and went inside.
I dried off with a towel, but was told I had to stay outside for a while
I didn't have a towel, and was told I had to stay outside dripping wet in the cold for a while.
I didn't have a towel, and I was locked out of the house! How long?
I did have a towel, but I was locked out of the house! How long?
Guys Only! If you were dared, and were told to stay outside, how long did you have to stay outside after your swim?
A couple of minutes or less
About five minutes
Five to Ten minutes
About 15 minutes
A half hour
Longer than a half hour (please post)
Guys Only! How was your overall experience?
It was awesome, dude! What a rush!
It was fun
It was ok
It wasn't very fun
It was aweful! I hated it!
Guys Only! Afterwords how did you feel?
Incredible, what a rush!
I was freezing, but it was still fun.
Dude, I've never been so cold!
I was numb, but it didn't really bother me that much.
I didn't know if I would ever warm up!
Guys Only! What is your age?
Under 13
14 - 17
18 - 25
26 - 30
31 - 39
40 - 50
I'm over 50
Guys Only! Were you drinking or smoking while polar bearing?
I had some to drink
I was smoking
I was drinking and smoking
I don't drink or smoke
If you were drinking, how far gone were you?
I was pretty lit and didn't feel the cold that much
I had a nice buzz
I didn't have anything to drink
I don't drink
If you were drinking and/or smoking, did it seem to help?
Yes, definitely! It helped me feel warm.
Some, but I was still freezing.
Whether it helped or not, I was so far gone I didn't really care one way or another.
Not a bit! I was freezing!
I don't drink or smoke
Guyss Only! Did you get paid to take the plunge?
Nope, I did it for free.
Yes, I was paid 1-5 dollars
Yes, $10.00
Yes, $20.00!
Significantly over $20.00!
I was paid well! Can I do this for a living?
If you had to stay outside, what was going through your mind?
I was affraid I would freeze to death.
My mind was racing; I had quite the adrenaline rush!
I didn't really care, it's really not that bad dude. Besides, I knew I'd be going inside soon.
Wow, once you turn numb, it's not so bad. I couldn't even feel the cold after getting out of that frigid water.
I hated every minute of it!
This was the most fun I've had in a long time!
What was your reaction when you were dared to strip down and jump in freezing cold water?
I was excited and looking forward to it!
I was looking forward to it with little or no excitement.
I said, "You want me to do what?"
"You're kidding, right?"
I will post my reaction.
What was your reaction to the cold as you got undressed?
Wow, it's freezing out here!
It's not so bad.
Being cold doesn't bother me.
Dude, I don't know about this.
I wished I wasn't about to do this.
I was having so much fun, I wasn't thinking about how cold it was.
Did anyone jump in with you?
Yes, my girlfriend.
Yes, a sibling.
Yes, a friend.
Several people got in with me.
Nope, I had to go it alone.
How long did it take you to get into the water once you were undressed?
No time at all, I jumped right in!
I got in neither slow or fast.
It took me a few minutes to get in.
The water was so cold, it took me a little while trying to adjust.
When I got in the water, my reaction was...
I yelled!
Dude I was like, Oh! Oh! Oh crap this is cold!
I was cool and didn't react at all.
It was so cold I cursed!
My reaction was
Guys only! How far into the water did you go?
All the way, my head and all!
Just up to my neck.
My mid section, the water came to just below my top.
Only to my waist.
My knees.
Feet only! I couldn't make it any further. I whimped out.
Guys Only! Only answer this question if you went in all the way, or up to at least your top area. What did you do for the time you had to (or wanted to) stay in the freezing water?
Swam around, kept going under the water occasionally.
Swam around and kept my head above water.
Every movement felt even colder, so I stood in one spot until it was time to get out.
I alternated between standing and swimming.
Guys only! What went through your mind while you were in the water?
After you turn numb, this is not so bad. I was having fun.
Thought, well, since I'm already wet and cold, I might as well swim.
I wasn't thinking at all, but I was enjoying it.
I couldn't wait to get out!
This is torture!
Guys only! How cold was the air at the time? (In Ferinhite)
Above 50.
Between 40-50.
Between 30-40
Around 20-30
Around 10-20.
At least 0-10
It was below 0!
What month was it?
Guys only! What type of water did you get in?
A private lake
A public lake
One of the great lakes
The ocean
A river
Swimming Pool
In what State or Country did you live in at the time? I lived in .
In what State or Country were you at the time when you took the plunge? I was when I took the plunge.
Guys Only! Did you like this poll?
Yes, definitely. It was cool!
It was ok
No, not really
No, I hated it
Here is your oportunity to give some details about your experience, or you may post your story. Would you be willing to leave additional information about your experience? If you would like others to be able to read your response, then please post it also. Thanks for taking my poll.
If you didn't want to post where your photos or videos may be posted online, or you didn't have any taken, would you be willing to post where someone elses is? This is your chance to put someone on the spot.
Yes, at
No dude, sorry I can't help you.
This poll was created on 2008-06-07 19:46:06 by Redadventurer