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Are girls better fighters than boys?

In my school there have been a couple of fights between girls and boys and in both fights the girl easily beat up the boy. Have girls become stronger than boys?
Are you a boy or a girl?
Have you ever been a fight with a member of the opposite sex?
Who won?
Girl Won
Boy Won
Girls who won was the fight easy?
Yeh didnt pose much of a challenge at all
Yh it wasnt too easy but my strength was too much
Nah it was fairly difficult
Boys who won was the fight easy?
Yh it wasnt that hard
Nah quite difficult
I didnt win i lost bad and got humiliated
Girls what was the age difference between you both?
I was more than 5 years younger
2-4 years younger
0-2 years younger
I was older
Boys if she was younger how much younger was she?
More than 5 years younger
2-4 Years younger
0-2 years younger
I was older
Boys if the girl won did she humiliate you?
Yeh she sure did
No she showed mercy
How were you humiliated or girls how did you humiliate him?
She made me say that girls rule
Everytime i tried to get off the floor she wud push me ova and kick me
She put lip gloss blusher nail polish and mascara on me then dressed me up as a girly girl in the girliest underwear possible and her the most girly clothes she could find then took pictures and showed everyone
Went around telling every1 how weak i was
Beat me up every day and bullied me by making me worship her as a goddess.
Boys if u won how did u beat her?
Piled on the punches
Headlock until she gave up
I was just too strong
I dint i lost
Girls if u won how did u beat him?
Made him beg for me to let him out of pin
Knocked him out cold
Fought him in a girly way by slapping him to the floor and hair pulling him
I lost
Which sex is better at fighting?
Boys: Boys are strongest
Boys: I have to admit girls are better fighters
Girls:Girls are we rule!
Girls:Boys are stronger
Girls how did you feel if you beat the boy up?
Powerful for humiliiating a boy
Dominant i showed that boys are weak
Upset for beating someone up
If you lost did you cry?
Girls No
Boys: Yep i cried in front of everyone:(
Boys:No fortunately
This poll was created on 2008-06-05 18:26:29 by arsenalfred