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Speed Limits in the U.S.

With higher gasoline prices in the U.S. the "drive 55" crowd is back in the news. Hillary Clinton said if she were elected president, she would bring back a national speed limit of 55 MPH. If you're a member of the "drive 55" crowd, I would like to poll you on your logic.
Do you support a return to a national speed limit of 55 MPH in the United States.
Yes (Continue taking this poll.)
No (Thanks for your time.)
Why do you support a national speed limit of 55 MPH?
I think it would reduce fuel consumption.
I think our roads would be safer.
I like the alliteration "55". It goes well with "Drive 55", and "Arrive Alive at 55."
I have an obsessive compulsive fascination with the number 5, and I think everyone else should love the number 5 as much as I do.
If you're aim is to reduce fuel consumption in the U.S., and a national speed limit of 55 MPH were to pass, should there be an exemption from the lower speed limit for electric vehicles and vehicles that use alternative fuels?
Yes, because they're not using gasoline or diesel so it doesn't make a difference how fast they drive.
No, I just love the number 55 so much I think everybody should drive 55 MPH.
If the U.S. were to change all of it's road signs to metric, would you support a national speed limit of 90 km/h?
No, that just ruins it for me. "Drive 90" doesn't have the same rhythm. I would give up at this point.
This poll was created on 2008-06-02 16:06:25 by george26173ab