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Where do school's fall?

Please vote on where you think the school most fails. If there is something that you think should be add please add it. This is planned to be published in a newspaper.
Where do school's fall?
Schools Do Not have students Read books or enough books
School do not teach student to Spell well /or enough(Can't Spell; Do student rely to much on Spell Check?)
Schools have you Wake up before 7 AM
Schools have Additional Costs (Books, Computers, Papers, Binder; It is more Binders in high school and lower)
Schools are Unorganized
Schools bombard students with Homework. (Schools do not give students enough time to do all their homework and have a life, such as Boy Scouts, Sports and other endevours.)
Schools do not teach you correct things. (An example is: The 11th graders last year (currently 12) failed in English, therefore they teach the current 11th graders (was 10th) more English. However the present 12th graders still need to learn English while the present 11th also was good at English. Why not teach the past 11th (current 12th) there English now and teach the current 11th (past 10) a subject the do need to learn.
Schools have students watch movies and videos, even though they may be educational (sometimes), instead of teaching the topic in depth.
Schools teach students to use calculators. (Is that why some fail math?)
Schools do not tie in subjects with modern day things. (History class can teach the Byzantines while teaching how that relates to a Particle Accelerator being built in Swiss.)
Schools do not give the option (key word option, not demaned, nor required) choice of learning Biblical history.
Schools worry to much about rules, which they end up stopping things that can help. (For example email. Should student be able to email their paper back and forth to the school computer because the wanted to work on it at home.)
Why do schools fail? (Type in a Response that is not listed Above)
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