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Are my parents too strict?

I think my parents are too strict. I have two brothers and a sister. Our bed times (every day including weekends) are 5:30 for my 9 year old brother, 6:00 for my 12 year old sister, 6:30 for me (I am a 14 year old girl) and 7:00 for my 16 year old brother. As soon as we get home from school we have to have a shower, change into our pajamas and do our homework. We don't have a t.v and no computer is allowed ever, except for homework (I am writing this at school). Dinner is at 5:15. Between dinner and bed we have to read, study or clean our bedroom (we all four share one) nothing else. Every morning we have to get up at 5:00 and go for a hours run. If we brake any of these rules or any other family rules (lying, having a messy room, disobedience, taking to long in the shower or to long to get dressed etc) we are spanked. We are all weighed once a week and if we get over or under weight we get a spanking. Spankings are always on the bare bottom in front of the rest of the family with anything from the hand to the belt or the cane, depending on the crime. We are spanked for lots of things including the rules above and things like not standing up when adults come into the room, not getting an A+ in everything, not eating everything on our plate and many other things. Our parents will spank anywhere even in public and still always on the bare. On Saturday we spend the whole day doing chores. On Sunday we go to church in the morning then spend the rest of the day reading the bible. Friends are never allowed to come over and we are never allowed to go out. Our parents pick our clothes even the way our hair is cut. This is 100% real and not a fantasy.

Do you think my parents are too strict?

75% (3) Yes
25% (1) no

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If you could would you tell my parents about this poll (I would get a very hard spanking)?

50% (2) yes you are being very bad and deserve a spanking
50% (2) no you are right about this
0% (0) you might be right but you should still do what your parents say,they love you and only want the best for you

4 voters have answered this question.

any other comments?

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Thanks all! Sorry the intro is so long. Will you leave a message?

50% (2) yes
0% (0) no
50% (2) maybe

4 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-05-09 14:15:10 by Laragirl
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