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which of these ways would you use to punish a naughty child (a boy in this case) for being continuosly naughty even after fair warnings and telling offs.
Would you EVER throw they're toy in the trash as a punishment?
yes if they deserve it.
would YOU put the toy in the trash or would THEY be made too?
id just pick it up and throw it away
id make them pick it up and place it in the trash themselves (more of a punishment for them)
would you make them watch they're toy go out to the curb with the rest of the trash on garbage day?
yes so they know its really gone
no its enough that its gone
what if they get the toy back out the trash when your not looking?
id brake it then throw it back out to the garbage
id put the toy inside one of his little sisters dirty diapers, and throw away with the smelly diaper trash
would you do it or would you make them?
i would brake it and dispose of it myself
i would make them brake it and return it to the trash
i would put it in a gross dirty diaper
i would make them put it in a gross dirty diaper
i would do it but make them watch
do you think disposing of toys in a dirty diaper or diaper bin a good way to stop the toy from being saved?
yes its a good idea
i would use that method
This poll was created on 2008-05-07 10:06:48 by roxy666