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Men with Panty Lines

Our school makes the men wear khaki pants which is much thinner then blue jeans. I was bending down to pick something up and one of the girls in the classroom was like "nice panty lines there." then she put her binder right up between my cheeks, and it gave me a violated feel cause she did it hard. It gave me an erection but I was wearing briefs so you couldnt tell.
Male or Female?
Guys with panty lines, what do you think of that? Female only.
I think its disgusting or a loser
I think its embarrassing and funny.
What a Sissy!
Its hot, make me feel like a pervert, knowing what he wears.
Humiliate him verbally, offering one of your own thongs, or just tell everyone he has panty lines and insult his masculinity in some form or fashion.
I'd spank or tap that!
Pants him
Give him a wedgie.
What else might you do
Guys with Panty Lines, what do you think?
Ha ha, kiss my butt!
Want to make scene?
I do not care.
As long as it makes her look at my butt.
I love being embarrassed by it.
I think its hot.
I want it cause it makes me look sissy.
Females, would you like to see more panty lines on guys?
Yes I love panty lines on guys
No, ugly, rather they wear a thong its that gross.
Only to guys who wear briefs, deserve to be humiliated with curse of panty lines, and their sissiness.
Rather not know what they wear.
Screw panty lines, boxers are better anyway.
Anything else
Anything important missing?
This poll was created on 2008-03-13 00:12:20 by ouch