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Buying a Volkswagen New Beetle

Falling head-over-heels for the VW new Beetle. It's chic. It's a maverick. It's built like a vault. Thinking of getting one...
What color should I get it in?
Sun flower (bright pastel yellow, solid)
Platinum Grey (metallic)
Campanella White (ream white;solid)
Laser Blue (Deep sea blue; pearlescence)
Salsa Red (bright maroon, solid)
Gecko Green (very pale green; metallic)
Deep Black (pealescence)
Shadow Blue (very dark blue; metallic)
Reflex Silver (metallic)
Choice of transmission?
6 speed manual
4 speed auto
5 speed manual
6 speed Auto with DSG manual select
Size of Tire / rim combo?
16-in low profile or Bigger! (E.g. 19-20 in low profile; run-flats)
Standard 15-in high profile
16-in high profile
15-in low profile
Interior upholstery?
Leather; grey
Leather; red
Leather; black
Standard Cloth-fabric ; black / grey
Choice of ICE (In Car Entertainment) system?
Single-disc player with i-pod connectivity
6-disc changer/player with i-pod connectivity (pushing the salesman a little here!)
6-disc changer/player
Single-disc player
Do you own a VW new Beetle?
No, I'll never be caught dead in one.
I was an owner of one; sold/give it away.
Yes, I' m an owner myself
Seriously considering one and like you could get one soon!
No, but I'm a fan and may get one someday
What personality type are you?
I'm a mix of both in and out. My life is 'normal'. But I'm style conscious.
I'm introverted. My lifestyle is 'normal'; nothing over the top.
Extroverted; almost wild. I club all the time!
Extroverted; I work hard and play harder!
What color would you personally have for the Beetle if the options list was infinite?
Fushia pink
A combination of stripes/ graphics / paint-ons/ stick-ons
Ferrari red
Sky blue
Deep metallic purple
What type of rim design would prefer?
Complicated 5 or 6-spokes
Simple 5 or 6 -spokes
black/ gun metal finishing
White finishing
Black chrome finishing
Normal-silver finishing
What other after market mods is /are enticing and flattering to the Beetle?
Lowering springs
Larger exhaust pipes
Body kits
What gender are you?
What sexual orientation are you?
Straight as an Arrow
Still undecided
What are the common perceptions you've heard of the New Beetle?
It's a car for the fairer-sex.
It's fugly; weird.
It's cute and stylish; retro-chic
It's not pretty but it is unique
What is your opinion if its interior space and the driving position?
The rear seats are useless and should just be folded down to increase the space of that tiny boot.
The space is generally good all round for a coupe.
The head room is fantastic up front but disappointing in the back
It's weird and almost hard driving one because the dimensions are strange.
The iconic flower vase is still there. What's your take on it?
It's useful ... only as a pen holder. Who cares of a flower there anyway?
It's strange and I don't see it's purpose being there.
It's a great conversation starter and gives the car personality.
It's so unique!
The dash board has been a point of contention since Day1, what's your take on it?
On the contrary, I think it is brittle and disappointing. Mexico ain't Germany for sure!
It's so deep; a waste of precious interior space and makes driving difficult as the front is way upfront.
The ergonomics are fool-proof. So easy to use
It's so dark; blackness everywhere. Where's the flair?
The dash materials is typical VW; extremely high quality and solidly put together
How do you rate its performance on the road?
The acceleration is blistering!
The car is heavy and generally feels slow and sedated.
Acceleration could be better but is really comparable to other cars
The acceleration is adequate.
How 's the steering and handling?
The steering is well-weighted and the car is confident through the corners
The steering wheel is well-weighted but the car rolls still.
The steering wheel is light / life-less and the car rolls a lot .
The steering wheel is light and feedback is good and the car can take the corners with aplomb.
What's your age group?
40s and above
What's your job scope like?
Others (including own business/ house-wifey)
Professional (Doctor, lawyer, teacher/ engineer/ accountant/ architect etc.)
I'm a student
Tourism/ nightlife
Do you have a family?
No; single and alone
Yes, married but no kids
Yes, married with 3 or more kids
No, single but dating
Yes, single but with kid(s) in tow
Yes, married with 1-2 kids
Do you have or given objections on the ownership of the Beetle?
Yes, sometimes and depends on the person
No, its a great car to own!
Yes, only because there are more practical alternatives out there; it's still a great car for a stylish individual though.
Yes, I vehemently discourage anyone owning one.
If you see one the road , what impression or preconceptions you would have of the driver?
This person doesnt know what he/she has gotten into; unwise to have bought one.
This is a selfish car; so must be the driver
He/she is well-heeled and probably has another car(s) back home.
He/she is fashionable and style-conscious
This poll was created on 2008-04-28 17:29:39 by AZQyn