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the weaker sex?

Will strength comparisons between male and females show that women are the weaker sex?
Are you...
18 - 25
25 - 35
35 - 45
> 45
Have you ever armwrestled against your wife/ husband/ partner? If so, who won?
man won easily
man won, but it was a struggle
It was a tie
woman won after a hard struggle
woman won easily
Man won with one arm, woman with the other
Man won with both arms
Woman won with both arms
Man could beat woman one arm against two
Woman could beat man one arm against two
Do you ever wrestle againt your wife/husband/partner? If so, who wins and how easily?
Man always wins, with ease
Man wins, but with a struggle
Neither wins, it is usually a tie
Woman always wins, easily
Woman usually wins, with a struggle
Man can pin woman
Woman can pin man
Man can win using only one arm
Woman can win using only one arm
Woman can win using only her legs
Whose body is more muscular?
the man's body is much more muscular
The man is a bit more muscular
Man and woman are about equally muscular
The woman's body is visibly more muscular
The woman's body is much more muscular than the man's
Whose muscles are bigger?
the man's
The woman's
Neither, they are about the same size
Whose muscles are harder and more chiseled?
The man's physique is much more defined
The woman's muscles are much more chiseled and defined
About the same
Do you lift weights/ work out?
Both, regularly
Both, occasionally
No, neither one works out
Man works out but woman doesn't
Woman works out, man doesn't
Both do, but man does more
Both do, but woman does more
One-arm bicep curls - how much can you do? (in pounds)
10 -20
20 - 30
30 - 40
40 - 50
> 50
Who lifts the other more easily?
Man lifts woman with ease
Man lifts woman with difficulty
Both lift each other with equal effort
Woman lifts man with ease
Woman can lift man, but with difficulty
Man can lift woman with one arm
Woman can lift man with one arm
This poll was created on 2008-04-27 18:48:16 by bigelowmax