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Male Submissive Vow of Obedience

In the distant past, a woman's marriage vows often included a Vow of Obedience. Today, women mostly reject this vow and consider it obsolete. Perhaps in this age of increasingly powerful women and often passive men, the vow should be taken by the husband. Could a male be effective and happy in the submissive role of a wife's wife?

Please indicate which of the following attributes YOU would include in a male submissive's Vow of Obedience. Check all that apply and ignore inappropriate suggestions.

50% (986) a written tribute to the superiority of women
45% (878) a written point-by-point justification of his wife's personal superiority (Top 10 reasons she is loved)
64% (1245) a written statement surrendering any authority he may possess (imagined or otherwise)
80% (1558) a written promise of unconditional and dutiful submission and obedience
25% (497) a written request for release from any requirement to perform illegal or immoral acts
70% (1364) a written and binding commitment to forever remain faithful to his wife and his Vow of Obedience

1942 voters have answered this question.

With which one of the following statements do you most agree?

36% (705) A man willing to take the Vow of Obedience should do so privately, with only his wife present.
46% (904) It would be fitting for him to take his Vow of Obedience in a public ceremony.
17% (337) Only close friends and family members should witness the ceremony.

1946 voters have answered this question.

True or False: Even if his superior is capable of defending herself against unfriendly threats, the submissive male must continue to be her first line of defense. His submission does not free him from this responsibility.

91% (1781) True
8% (163) False

1944 voters have answered this question.

Taking the Vow of Obedience may render the male responsible for tasks his superior assigns, including housekeeping duties. Which of the following would you include?

65% (1244) childcare: feed, dress, supervise, transport, change diapers
92% (1759) laundry: gather, sort, wash, dry, iron, fold, put away
86% (1657) delicates: hand-wash lingerie/hosiery, rinse in clean cold water, roll between towels, lay flat to dry
93% (1779) dishes: clear, wash/rinse or load/unload diswasher, scrub pots and pans, store
82% (1574) groceries: track inventory, make lists, shop, organize, store
87% (1661) appliances; range, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer: wipe spills, clean & polish control surfaces
91% (1740) cleaning: various surfaces; walls, windows, countertops, furniture, art, fixtures, floors, carpets/rugs
91% (1751) tidying: make beds, hang clothes, take out trash/recyclables, return things to their proper place
80% (1542) food preparation: attend cooking classes, learn about nutrition, plan & prepare meals
67% (1297) sewing/mending: attend sewing classes; sew and mend as required
65% (1249) secretarial: correspondence, invitations, condolence & thank you cards, bill paying, filing

1909 voters have answered this question.

Would you have the submissive male undertake 'traditional' male tasks such as washing/vacuuming the car, yard maintenance and fix-ups?

86% (1664) Of course, all menial tasks will be his.
13% (252) No, we'd hire someone to do those jobs.

1916 voters have answered this question.

How would you describe a man who has taken a Vow of Obedience to his wife? (Check all that apply)

72% (1401) enlightened/liberated
47% (911) feminized/sissified
3% (71) misguided/pitiful

1938 voters have answered this question.

Select from the following list, factors that might cause a man to be subservient to his wife and take the Vow of Obedience?

57% (1113) he is smitten and wishes to put her on a pedestal
6% (118) he really wants a mother, not a wife
11% (233) he is a rebel, challenging social norms
35% (698) he is probably a sissy
36% (702) he identifies more closely with females
69% (1350) he enjoys elevating the female
36% (701) he enjoys being elevated to femininity
41% (809) he enjoys being demeaned
26% (508) he is masochistic
65% (1274) he is compelled to serve
70% (1377) he knows his place in a 'new' world

1945 voters have answered this question.

How should hubby be attired for the vow-taking ceremony (you may select more than one)?

16% (324) polish him up and stuff him into a new suit
10% (205) have him buy himself and wear a simple housekeeping uniform (unisex tunic/pants)
29% (580) put him in a maid's dress...plain and practical or fussy and frilly
34% (659) have him recite his vows in the nude...fig leaf optional
25% (502) filter his perspective...insist he wear the veil of femininity...a bridal veil
41% (805) no matter what you have him wear outwardly, have him wear it over lingerie
64% (1244) include a chastity device so he will not be distracted from his new duties

1938 voters have answered this question.

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