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Kane's Wrath: Multiplayer Poll

A poll for KW multiplayer
Are you happy with the amount of new units, support powers, upgrades, maps etc?
Yup. Everything's good.
Would've preferred if there had been more stuff.
There wasn't enough new content.
Are you happy with the current number of ranked 1v1 maps?
There are plenty.
The number of ranked 1v1 maps is ok.
Not enough ranked 1v1 maps.
I don't play 1v1's so I don't really know.
Do you think that currently there are enough ranked 2v2 maps?
Yes, there are heaps.
The number of ranked 2v2 maps is ok.
We need more!
I don't play 2v2's, so I don't know.
Do you feel that Kane's Wrath was rushed?
Do you believe that EALA's strict release date policy needs to be scrapped, and games should only be released after they have been polished as much as possible?
Their games are polished on release, and I like that EALA keeps their word with release dates.
Although the games are polished, a few delays to give it some extra shine couldn't hurt.
Their games are largely unpolished, but I don't think that the games need to be released later. All problems will be patched.
The game's EALA have created mostly feel unfinished at release, and I think that they should adopt Blizzard's motto of only releasing games when they are finished.
Are you happy with EALA's patching policy?
The number of patches and the speed it takes them to get the patches out is all fine.
Although they do get a good number of patches out, it takes them far too long.
Neither the number of patches released, or the speed of their patch releases are satisfactory.
Do you think EALA is doing a good job managing cheaters?
This poll was created on 2008-04-24 07:39:39 by Hoppity