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Young Celeb Catfights

Who would win these fights and how?
Michelle Kwan vs Sasha Cohen
Michelle Pins Sasha with a leg scissors
Sasha smothers Michelle beneath her powerful feet
Miley Cyrus vs Emily Osment
Emily puts Miley in unbreakable headlock
Miley sits atop Emily and flexes her muscles
Vanessa Hudgens vs Ashley Tisdale
Ashley overpowers Vanessa with bearhug
Vanessa uses speed and punches Ashley out
Lindsay Lohan vs Hillary Duff
Lindsay punches and kicks Hillary down
Hillary is stronger and forces Lindsay to smell her feet
Carrie Underwood vs Kelly Clarkson
Kelly punches Carrie to the ground
Carrie wins with schoolgirl pin
Amanda Bynes vs Mandy Moore
Mandy smothers Amanda with her big, strong feet
Amanda crushes Mandy with a leg scissors
Hayden Panetierre vs Emma Watson
Hayden gets Emma in leglock
Emma is catquick and pounces on Hayden
Jojo Levesque vs Cheyenne Kimball
Jojo forces Cheyenne beneath her strong feet
Strong Cheyenne punches out Jojo
Brooke Hogan vs Britney Spears
Athletic Britney is too tough for Brooke
Brooke completely overpowers Britney
Jessica Simpson vs Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee uses her feet to force Jessica down
Jessica smothers Ashlee with her boobs
Kat McPhee vs Kellie Packard
Kat slips off her shoes and dominates
Kellie is quick and strong. She pins Kat.
Dominique Moceanu vs Tara Lipinski
Dom flexes her muscles and Tara runs away
Tara is the better athlete and ends up siting atop Dom.
This poll was created on 2008-04-10 00:09:25 by barf