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Your Car and Personality

Does your car say something about who you are as a person? Does what you drive reflect what you prioritise in life? Perhaps.
What color is your car?
Yellow or red or anything bright
White or silver or grey or similar tones
What type of car do you drive?
Executive barge
Sports Car
Sport-Utility-Vehicle (SUV) / truck
Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV)
Family Saloon
What type of fuel does your car run on?
Gasoline /Petrol
Hybrid /Electric
How much modifications have you done to your car?
Bodykits/spoilers/sun roofs
Engine; for performance/economy
Just the tyres and rims
How often have you ever gotten a speeding ticket or parking fine?
None; I'm always above the Law or am really really lucky.
Seldom; but there were times when Lady Luck is not on my side.
Regularly. Shucks!
All the time, man!
Have you ever got into an Accident?
Quite a number of times; my fault or otherwise but serious.
Once or twice (or thrice!) ; could have been my fault.
Once or twice; but they weren't my fault!
Never; not even a parking bump.
How long have/had you owned your car, for the longest period of time?
About 2-3 years
4 or more years
I'm still driving my 1970s Cadillac.
About 1 year
Where do you normally drive your car to (other than to school or work)?
Book club
Night Clubs (& pubs/ discos etc.)
Country clubs
Car club
What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done in your car?
Nothing really (I'm not keen on staining the upholstery); jamming to the music at most.
Touching/ fingering /masturbating/dirty flirting
Bum/boob flashing
'Drink Driving'. What's your call on this?
Never; I'm totally against it.
It's ok. I've done it before; as long as you can handle it , it's fine.
I've been tipsy but managed to pull through; headed back safely anyway.
I've been way over the limit! Nearly/ had an accident before/simply never got held for a breath-analyser test which I would totally flung.
Done drag races before? Or heavily indulged in your favourite winding stretched?
Yes, some times when fellow enthusiasts call me along
No; not into it. I still think about having a pistine engine.
All the time, baby! Speed thrils the hell out of me.
No, not doing it because the opportunity hasn't knocked.
'Buckle up for safety.' What's your take on this?
Nah! Seat belts are a chore and uncomfortable. I seldom have them on.
Only the front passengers matter; the rear folks can lounge free and easy.
I buckle all the time; I even insist that my passengers do so.
'Air bags are Optional' says the brochure. Will you buy the car?
I could. If I like the rest of it.
Hell no!
It is on the options list right? I'll top up.
I'll argue with the sales rep until he gives them to me for free!
When the traffic lights turn Red, what 's your reaction?
It's just another stop. I'll relax and chill a little.
Quick! Quick! Quick! Why's it taking so long to change back?!
Damn! I could have given it a shot.
What a waste of time! But, oh well. It's the system.
'Speeding Kills.' What's your take on this?
I am aware. But I speed anyway. As long as I don't get a speeding ticket and I stay vigilant to keep it safe, I'm fine.
I am aware. I still speed for the fun or rush of it. But I try to keep it safe; keeping my fingers crossed.
Sure do. I remind myself to have a safe journey all the time.
Nah! The excitement and thrill is too much to give up.
What's your next car gonna be?
An executive barge because I'm driving what my next social status is going to be.
A sports car; still a wild heart. Possibly getting wilder!
An MPV; my family and needs are growing and I need the space; my current ride just ain't big enough.
A SUV/ truck ; it's the only macho thing for this young dude to grow up into.
Family saloon; I'm settling down.
Oil prices are through the roof. Has it altered your driving habits?
No, not really. It is getting expensive but I'm still very much driving the way I always did.
Yes, much. I'm thinking about alternative modes of transport.
Yes, much, but I still can't live my life without the comfort and convenience of a personal ride.
Yes, a little. I take the shortest route possible.
What is /was your first car?
A sports car or the likes (or which you think is!)
A SUV / truck(got it from my dad)
A MPV (I'm a family person so I cannot help it!)
A family saloon or the likes
In 5 sentences, describe your current ride and why you like/dislike it.
This poll was created on 2008-04-08 17:38:28 by AZQyn