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Shirtless for sports

What are your views on being shirtless (going no further than jogbra for women) when engaged in sports?
Over time, have you become more likely to strip to the waist in your sporting activities?
No, I don't like the idea much
No, but I could see myself being shirtless more often, circumstances permitting
What factors would make you MORE likely to go shirtless (tick all that are applicable)?
The weather (the warmer it is...)
My fitness level (if those love handles would thin out some...)
The sport I'm playing I (I'm likelier to strip to the waist for team sports like soccer and basketball)
The sport I'm playing II (I'm likelier to strip to the waist for individual sports like running and tennis)
My fellow sportspersons I (I'm more comfortable being bare-chested/ jog-braed among people I know)
My fellow sportspersons II (I'm more comfortable being bare-chested/jog-braed among strangers)
My fellow sportspersons III (if others are already shirtless, I'm more likely to follow suit)
What best describes what you feel when you remove your shirt (tick all that are applicable)?
Immediate sense of freedom
Initial embarrassment at showing more skin, quickly replaced by a sense of freedom
A lingering shyness
Relief as you are more effectively cooled by the breeze
A tingling, self-aware "buzz" that's almost sensual
A rush of extra energy (I feel like I can run faster, play more vigorously et cetera)
I quickly forget that I'm shirtless
Which of the following is true of you?
The more times I go shirtless, the more I feel uncomfortable unless I strip to the waist during sports
The more times I go shirtless, the more I feel the urge to cover up
However many times I go shirtless, it doesn't affect the likelihood of my stripping to the waist the next time
If you're the only shirtless person in a sporting situation, are you likely to wish that others would follow suit?
Yes. I'd feel less "isolated"
Yes. I'd feel a thrill at having perhaps inspired others to go shirtless
No. To each his own
In which part of the world are you currently?
North America
South America
Asia/ Oceania
This poll was created on 2008-03-27 16:43:24 by orville