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belly button punching

do you ever get hit in the stomach or in the belly button?
have you ever been hit, kicked, punched, slapped, elbowed, kneed, stomped, palm thrust, head butted, or bombed (someone sitting down hard and fast) on your stomach?
are you a fighter?
no, never trained or shown how
yes and very good at it
yes but not so good
no, I'd rather be beaten than fight back
have you ever been hit while your arms where held ?
yes I was held and beaten
yes but only for one punch
yes but just by friends goofing around, no harm
what kind of stomach do you have
six pack muscle
fat and soft
the only hair or fuzz is at the belly button or under it
flat and soft
four pack muscle
flat and solid
8 pack muscle
chunky and hard
fat and hard
chunky and soft
Would you say your stomach is hard or soft
what type of sound do you make when you are hit in the stomach or under belly
grunting "oh"
none at first but more if punching continues
grunting "oof"
vomit sound
Have you ever taken a hit to the stomach or under belly and doubled over, wrapped your arms and hands around your abs, and rocked forwards and backwards to ease the pain and catch your wind?
would you say most of the hits you've taken to your abs have landed in your stomach or lower in your underbelly area where the belly button is
in the stomach
around the belly button
Have you ever voluntarily let someone punch you in the stomach as hard as they could
hypothetical question: your underage and drunk, you've become lost from your friends and you've ended up in the company of this adult male armed with a gun and he gives you this choice: raise your shirt up and allow me to punch you six times in your abs and I'll drive you anywhere you want OR I'll phone the police and have you arrested. There are no others around to hear his offer, what would you do?
I'd tell him to phone the police and have me arrested
I'd try to make a counter offer with sexual favors
I'd lift up my shirt and let him punch me six times and hope he keeps his word about driving me
I'd beg and cry and hope he feels so sorry for me that he lets me phone someone or drives me home
I'd allow him to punch me but I'd be too afraid to enter a car with him, clearly he has fetish issues and I'm too drunk to defend myself
I'd try to make a counter offer with what ever cash I have on me
I'd try to exit and hope he doesn't shoot me or pistol whip me
A harmless loner in your area seems to enjoy seeing stomachs or making contact with them, your alone and walking through a park and about to pass him, do you
pat my own stomach as I pass him
lift my shirt up a little and see if he checks out my lower abs
I do nothing
A lonely disabled guy in a wheel chair lives near you and asks if he can see your torso, touch your torso, punch your abs. Would you allow him to do any of those?
I'd let him see what there is to see
I'd let him give me a single punch
I'd let him touch my upper abs
I'd grant none of his requests
Which of these punches is more painful
a hit below the belly button
a hit to the upper stomach
a hit to the belly button area
which of these punches is more painful
a punch given when you are stretched out
a punch given when you are waiting for it
a punch given when you are leaning forward or doubled over
Have you ever been knocked out or seen someone knocked out via a punch to the stomach or under belly?
yes, I've been knocked out with a hit to the abs
yes, I've seen someone knocked out with a hit to the abs
This poll was created on 2008-03-17 19:37:42 by mindhealer