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tonsure ceremony for my little brother

hi. i am sanjana.this is what happened to my 7 yr bro.my age is 15 and i am a girl.in my religion all 7yr old boys have to undergo a ceremony.the boy s made to grow a long hair since when he is 6.just when he is about to turn 7 an exclusive ceremony is held where only the boy who is 7 and many teen girls take part.the boy is taken to near by streams/rivers.only the girls accompany him.there the boy is made to remove clothes..he is made to sit on any one of the rocks.the girls sit around him.on girl alone shaves his head.only the front and side portion is shaved.the rest of the hair is oiled and plaited.a cream is applied on the forehead to prevent growth of hair.then he is made to sit on the banks on the river.then two surgical needles are heated by one girl while the hands and legs of the boy are held by others.the ears of the boy are pierced.a square hole appears where a big stud is inserted.the stud has a needle on the backside to prevent the boy from removing the earring.then finally he is made to lay down flat very near to the stream.the boy is now circumcised.the government provides the tools.the girls cathch his arms and legs tightly.while one of the girl cathches his penis and cuts the foreskin.the boy is made to bathe in the river.thus the boy is brought back to his home.the next day he is made to join in the traditional village school.before that a ceremony takes place where a rope is tied to the loin.a small piece of cloth is hung in the front to cover his abdomen.this cloth covers only half of his penis.the back region is completely nude.after this he goes to the traditional village school

would u like such a ceremony for boys

50% (97) yes
49% (94) no

191 voters have answered this question.

would u be among the teen girls who shave the boy

51% (92) yes
48% (87) no

179 voters have answered this question.

you can watch the videos in youtube

0 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-03-15 04:15:28 by aditi s
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