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Women -- You and Your Bike Helmet

This poll is part of an ongoing (Industrial Design) school project examining the perception of cycling and cyclists in North American Urban Centres. For this section of the project I have chosen to focus on a specific stigma associated with cycling -–the dreaded helmet. I would Love your insights as to how a cycling helmet could be improved for women, or in-general. Thanks for your time and insights. If you have any further comments please don’t hesitate to contact me at Discotuna@hotmail.com. Thanks again. P.s. for more details on the project checkout my blog, although it’s a bit out dated. http://bicycleconcepts.blogspot.com/ --Kyle

If you do not regularly wear a helmet what reason best describes why you don’t?

0% (0) I don’t own a helmet
7% (4) It don’t like having helmet hair
3% (2) It gives me a sweaty head
16% (9) Wearing a helmet makes me look/feel dorky.
5% (3) I don’t like carrying a helmet when I’m no longer on my bicycle.
7% (4) Other
0% (0) They don't fit my head right
60% (33) I always wear a helmet

55 voters have answered this question.

Are there any other reasons you choose not to wear a helmet?

No graph available for this question

14 voters have answered this question.

When using your bicycle for casual trips such as going a few blocks to the store, or to recreational riding do you usually wear a helmet?

13% (8) Usually
12% (7) Occasionally
8% (5) Rarely
10% (6) Never
55% (32) Always

58 voters have answered this question.

Have you ever had an accident on your bicycle which resulted in a head impact?

33% (19) Yes
66% (38) No

57 voters have answered this question.

Which represents your typical describes bike usage?

24% (14) Commuting
8% (5) Utility cycling / car free lifestyle
5% (3) Racing
3% (2) Mountain biking
20% (12) Leisure
15% (9) Fitness
22% (13) Other

58 voters have answered this question.

If anything what do you like or dislike about your current helmet? What would you like to see improved or added?

No graph available for this question

33 voters have answered this question.

What is your dream bicycle?

15% (9) Classic Dutch City bike
10% (6) A Beautiful Cruiser
10% (6) A Vintage Inticately Lugged steel Racing Bike
20% (12) A Sleek Carbon road bike
1% (1) A tricked out Fixie
3% (2) BMX
5% (3) An unstopable free ride rig
5% (3) Utility Bike
1% (1) Tandem
0% (0) recumbent
0% (0) Tricycle
25% (15) Other

58 voters have answered this question.

What Features would be most important to you when purchasing a helmet for casual riding such as commuting or leisure cycling? (Assuming all options provided an equal measure of safety)

16% (10) More vents and better air flow.
18% (11) More sophisticated -- Actually Fashionable graphics for grown Women!
11% (7) The use of natural materials such as fabrics, wools and felts instead of plastic shells.
9% (6) Styling inspired by performance and racing
4% (3) The use of technical materials such as spaceage foams and carbon fiber
29% (18) I don't care what it looks like as long as it's comfortable
9% (6) Attachment points for accessories such as lights, a rain cover and a mirror

61 voters have answered this question.

do you prefer a helmet with a visor?

46% (27) yes
53% (31) no

58 voters have answered this question.

If you currently own a helmet what "style" is it?

31% (17) Racing - well vented and light weight
9% (5) BMX/Skateboard -Hard shell multi impact style.
18% (10) Commuting - has attachment points for mirrors, or a light- conservative styling.
11% (6) Women’s specific -feminine colours /graphics.
18% (10) "Race" inspired well vented, fast looking.
11% (6) other

54 voters have answered this question.

What are the most important, non-safety, or price related details which influence your decision when buying a helmet. select all that apply.

5% (3) feminine Colors options
7% (4) Racy styling
28% (15) How big it makes your head look
9% (5) Graphics
32% (17) Lack of graphics - muted "styling"
3% (2) Brand Loyalty
11% (6) Matching it to the bicycle
1% (1) Matching it to your wardrobe

53 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-03-12 19:30:54 by Carry by bike
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