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Do you understand metaphysical terms?
Alomancy is the ability to read on the floor after salt is tossed up into the air and lands on the ground, floor, or in a fire.
includes out-of-body experiences. This can include very deep meditation, a form of “wakeful” dreaming, or travel techniques that allow you to view places far away from your physical being.
is the ability to write down a stream of conscience while in a deep meditative state that provides a message that is not from the writer, but a different source.
is the ability to communicate messages directly from a different source than the psychic to a person or group of people. The channel is similar to using a telephone to another time/person/place.
is the feeling that you have been there and done that when you haven’t.
An entity that assists a person with spiritual growth is a ?
is the doctrine of “what comes around, goes around.”
A has the ability to communicate with those who have passed to the other side, angels, or spirit guides.
The ability to foresee the future is .
The ability to tell what someone else is thinking is called .
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