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Must the numbers in Qur'an be fixed with Veyselic Numbers?

Is there a contradiction in Arabic Language, being a BiDirectional Language?...? Languages such as Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew, and Yiddish are referred to as bidirectional (or BiDi) because text is written from right to left, while embedded texts in 'Western' languages and numbers are written from left to right. Now, can this be called a contradiction, or discrepancy? If so, why do we carry this contradiction into Holly Quran? Since there can't be any contradiction in Holy Quran, can't we fix all the numbers in Quran pages with Veyselic Numbers? Note: Veyselic Numbers are Arabic Numbers, written from right to left. For example; In Veyselic Numbers, number ten is .I Nisa-82: Do they not consider the Quran (with care)? Had it been from other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much discrepancy. Maas Salaam Veysel Peru More info about Veyselic Numbers: Search for the words "Veyselic Numbers" in the WEB. What brough this idea up? Veyselic Numbers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a bit long story. 2 years ago I got a manic-depressive (manic attack), and first at that time this idea came to me. In fact, I got so excited that I went insane. After that I got a 23 day treatment in a hospital, etc, etc. Now, let me go further: How many is Allah? 1 Then so that Allah is 1, what number do you assign to creatures? -1,2,0.0001? No. 0 Allah is 1. The first number is 1. When you will write 2, in binary numbers, a second number called 0 comes to stage. When there are two numbers on stage, the issue of "who is commander, superior, and who is subordinate, less significant" comes to stage. Since (according to Holly Qur'an) right hand side is more superior to left hand side, the zero has to come to left of 1 in the lining. So we must write as binary two (decimal ten) as 01 (Opposite of usual !!!). As a summary: When you'll write ten in decimal numbers (and two in binary numbers), 1 must be at the right, and zero must accept the greatness of 1, and zero must stand on the left. We must write 01 (.1) I call this Veyselic numbers. The Satan is represented by zero, the Caliph (Adam Aleyhisselam) of Allah may be represented by 1. Then when these two numbers come together, they must be written as 01. Most significant numbers must be on the right, least on the left. Numbers must be written from right to left. Now: It is too hard to change all the numbers in the world. But I have dream! The correct numbers, Veyselic Numbers, can be used in Qur'an pages. Qur'an can finish the fight of which is superior; Right or Left Satan must bow in front of Caliph. All numbers in the Qur'an pages can be corrected with Veyselic Numbers. This is a symbolic fight, between Caliph and Satan, between people of left and people of right. Qur'an cannot be bidirectional, bidirectional is cotradiction. In fact numbers are added to it afterwards. Arabs could not resist Hindus, made a big mistake, and make their language bidirectional. Creatures must prostrate to Allah. Satan must accept the graetness of The Caliph of Allah. 0 must stand at the left of 1. If zero decides to try to pass to the right of 1, it will burn. It burns, as Satan is created from fire. Let us clean the "Bidi" from Quran pages. Let us change all the numbers so that they START FROM THE RIGHT, not left. Because the current situation is not right. I belive sooner or later Holly Qur'an pages will be corrected with Veyselic Numbers, inshallah In binary numbers, there is only two digits: 1 and 0. Lets read the 112/1-2. Surah(Ikhlas). It says: Say: He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. I am saying that, Allah can be symbolized by 1, all the others(creatures and not-created things) may be symbolized with zero. 1 is an odd number, while zero is an even number. (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/in...012246AAdFGT9). Lets read 51/49. Surah(Zariyat). It says: Ve min kulli şey'in halakna zevceyni leallekum tezekkerun. And of every thing We have created pairs: that ye may reflect. All the creatures are pairs, i.e. they are even, not odd, like the number zero. Now imagine that there is one and only 1("Ehad"), and many zeroes("Kesret"): The zeroes cannot exist without the one(Samed). The zeroes must be on the left of 1(According to Veyselic Numbers), meaning that they prostrate to Allah. A zero burns, if it refuses to stand on the left of 1 and tries to go right (Remember, zeroes on the left disappears in "Arabic Numbers"). So in summary, I say that; 1 (which is an odd number) represents Allah, 0(which is an even number) represents creatures(including Satan), Binary two (or decimal ten) must be represented as 01 (Or .I) which I call Veyselic Numbers. "Kul huwa Allahu Ehad". If you consider it with care, it is not mentioned as "Al Ehad", but only Ehad. Now other evidences as follows; Header: Evidences that numerical 1 can represent Allah (Celle Celaluhu): a) 1 is read as wahid in Arabic, and one of the names of Allah is Al Wahid. b) The answer of question "How many is Allah?" is 1 c) 1 exists, Allah also exists. (1>0) (How about 2,3,4? Refer to i) ) d) 1 is singular, each and every other counting numbers are plural, Allah is singular. e) 1 can mean as unique, Allah is also unique. f) Counting and measuring are different. You can not measure Allah, because Allah is infinite. But the number of Ilahs is a limited number, 1, and the only ilah is Allah. g) 1 is half of two, that is correct. If (hasha) there were another ilah other then Allah, then Allah would be half of the two ilahs, but there are not two ilahs, so, that suggestion is false. h) Allah has no partners, and similars. But for creatures are not equal to each other, some of them are superior to some other. The superior ones are closer to Allah than the other. For example the Caliph of Allah. Because all the superior adjectives and names belong to Allah. From this respect, since men are superior than women, they are closer to Allah. If we assign numerals to men and women, we must do that like men=1, women=0. Evidences to it are as follows: Qur'an (4-34). 1 is odd, 0 is even number. Women are even because they can bear child. The Caliph of Allah is male. in Qur'an grammar, Allah uses male gender for himself. It is used female word "Saaheebaten" in ayet(72-3). i) Allah is Wahid, 2,3,4 > 1, how do you explain this? As follows: You have to write the number in binary form, and from right to left. Take 2. It is equal to 01. The rightmost 1 symbolizes Allah, having value two(1 times 2 to the power 1). Likewise, all the numbers can be written in binary and from right to left. There is always a 1 at the rightmost place. For example 8, it is equal to 0001 (in Veyselic Numbers). j) 1 is odd, 0 is even. 0 is nothing when it is itself. But when it comes next to 1, it obtains a value. Also when it comes next to 1, always even numbers occur. Creatures cannot exist by theirselves, they need Allah, and also they are even(they are pairs). Only the caliph of Allah is unique, is odd. The one that needs nothing is Allah, who is Samed. k) 1'st reads as "first". One of names of Allah, El Evvel, means The First. If there is no number other than 1, 1 is also the last, like El Ahir. l) El Afuvv is related with sins and faults, Es Settar is related with clothings, Er Razık is related with "Rizk", likewise El Wahid, Ehad is related with numbers. m) According to the hands that creatures are created with: The Caliph (Adem aleyhisselam) is created with two hands. Qur'an says so. So if we number the two hands like 1 and 0, we can guess the following: Iblis is created with hand number 0, the angels are created with hand number 1, and the Caliph is created with hands 1 and 0. Hand 1 is most likely the right hand(yemiyn). Before Adem(aleyhisselam) teach the angels and Iblis that Iblis has a lower degree than each and every of the angels, they did not now it. If we want to explain it in terms of numbers, there were 0 and 1's but they did not not know which is greater than which. A person with two hands, two eyes and who is capable of distinguishing "Hayr"(goodness) and "Sher"(badness) is needed to distinguish and categorize them. That person is The Caliph of Allah, who is created with two hands. When Adem(aleyhisselam) told them their names(degrees), he said that: Angels are odd, 1, they do not have two genders, and they are in the side if "Hayr". Iblis is 0, even, Jinns have two genders(male, female), and iblis is even in that Iblis looks like "Mumin"(believer), but he is "Munafik", inside Iblis is "Kafir"(infidel), and being Kafir, in fact, his name is "Sheytan"(Satan). He said that One is greater than zero. ( 0 < 1 ). And after that angels are commanded to prostrate to Adam: "Behold! We said to the angels, "Prostrate to Adam": they prostrated except Iblis. He was one of the Jinns," (Qur'an 18/50) If we try to explain it in terms of numbers, 1's are commanded to prostrate to 2. This solves the issue that "Why, being a jinn, Iblis, is kept responsible to an order given to angels?". The answer may be as follows: 1's are ordered to accept greatness of 2, 2 has already dictated that 1 is greater than 0, so, 0 is also obliged to accept greatness of 2. A Question: Why binary? as from its dhahir, binary could only prove duality within religion.. which we all know is not Islam.. so why binary? ------------------------------------------------------------ Duality of ilahs? Hasha no one can say or prove that. La ilahe illa Allah. That is it. But if you say that "La mevcude illa huwe", I object it, because; (Hicr-15/85): Ve ma halaknes semavati vel erda ve ma beynehüma illa bil hakk. And We did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them two but in truth. If we accept the existence of creatures, and want to assign them a number, it is most likely zero. Because zero is nothing without a one. If 1 exists and says that zero exists, then it exists. Also zero is an even number, so that the creatures because they are created as pairs. Also; (51/39) And of everything We have created pairs that you may be mindful. Pairs and opposites can be represented by 2 numbers, 1 and 0. For example male=1, female=0, day=1, night=0,big=1, small=0, white=1, black=0, right=1, left=0 Also Caliph has been created by two hands. According to me, Allah has two hands. Hand number 0, hand number 1. Allah has two hands but he is one person. Also Caliph has two hands but he is one person. Here comes the important point; Symbolically the believers are keeping their right hand superior, meaning that they are 01, on the other hand infidels are keeping their left hand superior, meaning that they are 10 . As I said, it is symbolically. Also all the numbers can be expressed as binary. When we express numbers in decimal form, number ten is the ten fingers in two hands. If we are writing ten in decimal, I am insisting that we must write it as 01 It is much too hard if not impossible to convert the numbers, but it is easier to correct the numbers in Holly Qur'an's pages to Veyselic Numbers. I hope this thread will be a starting point insaAllah. My purpose is every time you see a number ten in Qur'an pages, it will irritate you by making you remember that Satan opposes to prostrate The Caliph.

Must the numbers in Qur'an be fixed with Veyselic Numbers?

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