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when can i go out on a date?

when do you believe that your child is able to date.
what are the factor helps you chose if your child is able to go out on a date?
if you are personally there and attached to the hip
with another parent is with
if they have good grades
if they have their driver license
if they are respondable good kid, who do all their chores, but yet have bad grades
if your child bribes you with ice cream?
if they ran up your cellphone bill textin
how old are you?
under the age of 12,...if your tis age, stop taking the quiz, i dont want you to do this...lol, jk
36 and over
before your child is able to go on their date, you...
give them the ''talk''
what date?...i never said my kid could go...
load them up with lots of money and wish that they would just get out of your hair
hold an interview with your child's date
do nothing because your child bribed you with ice cream...remember?
which setting would you approve more for a date for which your child and their date is goin to...?
a classy resturant and then drivin the back roads
goin to the local fair in town
huntin in the woods
goin to the state fair which you child and their date has to drive five hours to get there
the movies
hangin out with friends at the local walmart
shoppin at the mall
which setting do you most disapprove for you child and their date?
at a concert
local motel pool party in broad daylight
driving the back roads
the moives
the police station
not the local motel, but hotel, and not in broad daylight
time is up! it past their curfew, what do you do?
kids will be kids, what can ya do?
talk to my child...tell them they done wrong, and watch the late late show with that craig guy
go to bed, and suprized them in the morning....wakin my child with a yellin'feast
i dont have a clock...and dont believe in curfews
ground them from everything....hahaha, your so evil!
wait up til my child comes home and give them h, e, double hockey stixs...that wont happen again!
nothing they bribed me with ice cream...duh,
how old do your child have to be before you let them go out on a date?
whenever they want to
when my son grows a facial hair
when they get their driver license
not until there is an arrange marriage and my child can only be on a date with their future spouse.
when my daughter changes out of the mini skirt and boots
if you chose to make a curfew for you child what would it be...?
11:00 pm
well you left at 6:00pm on friday...be home around midnight sunday night...have fun!!
in before sun up...
in before sun down..
curfew at 10, be home at 9:57...or eles
11:30 pm
This poll was created on 2008-02-27 01:32:36 by peeweewithoutweewee