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If you could ask God for ANYTHING, what would it be? (Poll by blackninja133)

What would you ask God for? (If there IS a god, that is!) Knowledge, Power, Immortality? Go ahead, don't keep him waiting!
If you could ask god for ANY ONE THING (out of the following), what would it be?
All-Knowing-Knowledge (You will know everything that ever happens, including things that no-one knows, like how the world was made, and how glue tastes so great!)
All-Kicking-Ass-Power! (You will be given the knowledge of all the huge martial arts masters in the world, enabling you to KICK ASS!)
All-Money-in-da-World (Unlimited Money)
All-Immortality (You can't die! Although you will age, and eventually, die of old age, not the best choice for those who are already 80 or so.)
All-Ageless (You will never age, but if you get killed, that's you dead! So look both ways before you cross the street!)
All-Strengh-In-Ya-Boddy! (You will have the strengh of 10000 men, and a goose!)
All-Fonz! (You will become irresistible to the oppiste sex, OR the same sex, if you're into that. But not both! That's greedy!)
All-Breathless (You will NEVER have to breathe! Isn't that useful? Also, you will be able to swim underwater for ages, and never have to come up for air!)
All-Fortelling (You predict the future! This also means you will be able to predict next weeks lottory numbers! YAY!)
All-Dr.Dolittle (You will be able to talk to animals, but this time you will understand them! They'll understand you too, and reply to your comments. This is a fun party trick!)
You wanna ask him for something else while you're at it? Who knows, he might say yes!
Thanks for your time, oh, and if you asked for a motor boat, you can forget it! I already did that! Do you think this poll should be in the EDITORS CHOICE?
Yes, blackninja133, you rock SO HARD!
I suppose so...
This poll was created on 2008-02-25 16:28:33 by Blackninja133