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Males only: Are you happy with your circumcision / foreskin status? intact / cut

Are you circumcised or intact, and are you happy about it
I am cut, and like it.
I am cut, and hate it.
I am cut, and it doesnt bother me.
I am intact, and like it.
I am intact, and hate it.
I am intact, and it doesnt bother me.
If you ARE circumcised (otherwise ignore this ), why do you feel the way you do and what compels you to suggest that others be or stay the same way?
I live in...
South America
I am.. and most of my friends are...
I'm cut, and most of my friends are cut, too.
I'm cut, and most of my friends are intact.
I'm cut, and its a mix.
I'm intact, and most of my friends are intact, too.
I'm intact, and most of my friends are cut.
I'm intact, and its a mix.
Are you embarrassed?
Why would I be?
I wish everyone (including me and my friends ) was...
If you were or had been cut before you could prevent it: If there was an easy way to undo it, would you?
Yes, definitely
No, I wouldnt bother.
Yes, but only if it was inexpensive and or painless.
Who should make the decision to allow this?
The child, when of age can decide what he wants to do.
The parents, based on popularity preference and to save the person from possible pain and recovery later.
Like most countries, I dont think circumcision should be allowed at all for anybody unless medically necessary.
How old are you?
60s or older
Aside from the side-effects of a circumcision (desensitizing, scarring, unevenness or tightness) which do you think looks better?
I am cut, and I think cut looks better.
I am intact and I think intact looks better.
I am cut and I think intact looks better.
I am intact and I think cut looks better.
Do you have any additional thoughts or comments on the forest situation? (optiona l )
If you lived naturally in the forest for a week... would you rather be intact or cut? Consider the cons to both: Cut: Increased sunburn on an exposed glans / lack of protection against rubbing if running through tall grass / brush or crawling on ground ... Intact: Possible increase in urinary tract infections to that of the level of girls, possible increase in smell from not bathing as regularly.
In the forest... intact.
In the forest... cut.
Do you think that we evolved to be always born with a foreskin for a reason? Compare circumcision (conformity, minor disease protection in exchange for minor disfigurement ) to additional nerve-endings, the moisture and protection, and the additional skin for movement and function for sexual intercourse... yet more of a smell if you dont take a shower for a few days.
Yes it is important.
No, everyone can live without it.
I think that its important, but overall I still prefer circumcision because everyone from around here is cut. If that changes then I will not have my kids circumcised.
In the USA, the circumcision rate is very high. Do you feel that if, like other countries, almost nobody was circumcised, people would still feel the need for the procedure based on only the slight medical benefits in exchange for uncommon disfigurement / pleasure + function + protection decrease / other things?
I hope so.
Absolutely not.
This poll was created on 2008-02-05 17:19:25 by adamrestores