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Oil Depletion

What do you think of the world's current fossil fuel usage? Are we doomed as demand for oil goes up as supply peaks?
Peak oil is the idea that the world's oil production will reach a high point, and decline until it is either depleted or impractical to recover. When do you think the world's oil production will peak?
It has already peaked.
It will peak in the next five years.
It will peak in the next twenty years.
I'm not sure.
Do you believe the worldwide demand for oil is going up at an unprecedented rate?
The price of gasoline has tripled in the past ten years, and doubled in the last two to four years. How do you think this price change has affected the American economy? (check all that apply)
Increased prices of food.
Tourism negatively affected.
Declining Real Estate market.
Effects on automobile industry.
Increased prices of everything.
The economy has not been negatively affected by rising energy costs.
Not sure, but the economy is negatively affected by rising energy costs.
What is a practical solution to America's, and the world's dependence on fossil fuels? (check all that apply)
Renewable energy, i.e. wind, solar, hydroelectric, biomass, tidal energy, geothermal.
Ethanol fuel.
Hydrogen fuel cells.
The world can keep using oil and gas with no problems.
The only solution is not a new energy source, but to scale back entirely on energy consumption. There will never be a cheaper energy source than oil, and renewables cannot produce as much energy as fossil fuels.
Unknown or not yet discovered energy source. (i.e. one the "oil companies have hidden away.")
Will the world doom itself as demand for oil skyrockets and supply drops like a rock?
No. Humanity is smarter than that.
If the world does doom itself by burning oil and never finding a viable alternative, what will happen by, say, the year 2100? (check all that apply)
Economic recession.
Small scale wars for oil resources.
Global war.
The end of suburban society.
Decreased globalism, and stronger local economies.
The collapse of society.
Complete environmental desctruction, as we struggle to pillage the last of earth's resources. Full scale climate change/global warming/whatever you want to call it, the death of all penguins, the collapse of coral reef systems, all species extinct except humans, dogs and cats, etc.
Some sort of totalitarian regime, either run by the United States, the European Union, or some other scary world-government system.
The collapse of major oil-producing nations, because they don't have any more cheap oil.
Depletion of the middle class, increase of the lower class, and about 1% of the world holding 99% of the world's wealth. (basically back to the industrial revolution)
Nothing bad's going to happen.
This poll was created on 2008-01-27 16:50:27 by The Real Truth