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Buff Cheerleaders

Hi my name is Kimberly. Im a cheerleader for my high school ive always had a very feminine body ...large breasts....small waist .....firm booty lol. But ever since we got a new cheerleading coach ive goten really muscular she's hell bent on keeping us in top physical form we lift weights for 2 hours after school,one hour of cardio worout and then our regular practicefor three hours shes is also forcing us to drink protein shakes 3 times a day. I love cheerleading so I cant quit but Im getting so muscular my clothes dont fit me anymore....our cheerleading team looks like our football team with pigtails and skirts lol any way i was wondering wut other girls think about being muscular is it okay?
What type of abs do u have ?
Six pack
four pack
just flat and toned
How big are your arms?
I have big bulging biceps and full triceps the guys are jealous
I have toned arms with a lil muscle
My arms are scrawny
How muscular are ur legs?
My legs are huge with bulging calves and huge quads and glutes
my legs are toned and slighty muscular
my legs are like a chicken lol
Our crazy coach Miss C makes us practice our cheers in 4 inch heels to worout our calves and gained proper form and balance she also insists we wear heels to school everday do have to do this?
Yes i like it though it shows of my calves and the boys drool
yes but i hate it my feet hurt
I very girly and fashion wise but my new body i feel dosent look right in the clothes at the stores but i also like the way my muscles look what do think about big muscle on a girl?
Girls are soo sexy with muscles the bigger the better they are the most feminine when they are muscular
girls with muscles are disgusting and should hide it
A lot of parents complain because they say our cheerleading uniforms are too revealing to wear to school on gamedays...they do show our abs (which all the girls have at least a six pack)..and the skirt is about 5-6 inches above our knee when we stand our coach forces us to wear nude stockings to hide our muscular legs a little but u still can see them ...should we be allowed to wear our uniform to school?
yes u girls work hard to get those bodies it would be a crime to hide them
no those outfits are too sexy and no teenagers should wear that
do think our coach is to hard on us and should ease up a little
No what the coach says goes if u girls get big and strong o well deal with it
yes she souds like a killer
Finally would u date a super buff cheerleader ?
absolutely any girl who can bench press more than me and do the splits sounds sexy
no muscles are gross
This poll was created on 2008-01-05 22:23:46 by Hulk Hogan