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Christmas - a Christian festival, or a pagan one?

I am writing this as another Christmas is almost upon us. Most people would see it as a Christian festival. But is it really? Or is it actually based on the ancient pagan festival of the winter solstice? After all, where does it say in the Holy Bible that Jesus was born on December 25th? A lot of people here in England treat Christmas simply as a time to eat too much, drink too much, watch too much TV, and spend money they haven't actually got. And finally, Santa is an anagram of Satan....
Does it say anywhere in the Holy Bible that Jesus was born on the 25th December?
Yes, and I will give the Scripture reference
Yes, but I'm too lazy to give the Scripture reference
I don't know
Do you agree that the date of Jesus' birth is entirely hidden and not revealed in Scripture?
Yes, I agree
Yes, I agree, but we have the right to choose a day and celebrate it
Yes, I agree, but we should just go with the flow and celebrate Dec. 25th
No, the Bible says that Jesus was born on Christmas Day
I don't know
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Yes, strongly, as a Christian
Yes, strongly, but in a non-Christian way
Yes, slightly
No, not particularly
No, not at all
Do you like Christmas?
I love it!
I like it
I think it's OK
I'm not too keen on it
I dislike it
I hate it!
Which of the following statements is true of Christmas? (check all that apply)
Christmas is a true Christian festival
Christmas is a pagan festival, which has become incorporated into Christianity
Christmas is good for families
Christmas is good for children
The way in which most people celebrate Christmas is un-Christian
Christmas is no big deal for me
I have other religious days which I keep instead of Christmas
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