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Presidential Term Limits

The two-term limit on the American presidency is a somewhat recent invention, having come into force as a result of the passage of the Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution in 1952. In Number 72 of "The Federalist Papers" written in 1788, our nation's founder Alexander Hamilton argued against setting any term limit on the presidency. He reasoned that if the American people were dissatisfied with a certain president, they could vote him out of office in the next election; whereas if they were pleased with a certain president, they could re-elect him as many times as they wish. I would like to know what people think about this.
In general, are you in favor of a term limit on the presidency?
Not Sure
What sort of term limit do you favor for the presidency?
One Term Limit
Two Term Limit
Three Term Limit
Four Term Limit
No Term Limit
Do you think President Bush should be eligible to run for a third term?
Yes, because he is the only leader America can trust in these troubled times.
Yes, because Hillary Clinton, Romney, or Giuliani would make an even worse president.
No, because he has done enough damage in two terms.
No, because his administration is corrupt.
Not Sure
Suppose sometime in 2008 Congress were to repeal the 22nd Amendment, abolishing the two-term limit on the presidency. As Bush suddenly finds himself traveling the country, he rekindles some flagging support by touting his stance on abortion, praising the recent breakthough in adult stem-cell research, demanding an end to the genocide in Darfur, sending no additional troops to Iraq, and reminding Americans that (unlike some of his contenders) he will never reinstate the draft. The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the White House also helps his image, as the pontiff generally approves of Bush's positions in these areas. Meanwhile, Senator Hillary Clinton has been nominated to run against President Bush. Which candidate would you vote for?
George Bush
Hillary Clinton
Not Sure
If President Bush were running for a third term against Barack Obama, who would you vote for?
George Bush
Barack Obama
Suppose President Bush were eligible to run for a third term and he chose Ron Paul as his running mate. Senator Hillary Clinton runs against him and she chooses Barack Obama as her running mate. Who would you vote for?
I would write in Ron Paul
I would write in Barack Obama
Not Sure
Thank you for taking this poll. Which of the following issues is most important to you?
Homosexual Equality
Iraq War
War on Terrorism
Health Care
Government Corruption
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