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The end of the world. What will happen?

There are numerous claims, prophecies, stories, and movies on the subject. What do you think will happen?
Do you think the world will end in the future?
Yes, the world will end.
No, the world will never end.
Maybe, I haven't given it much thought.
Let's just wait and see.
I have no clue.
Are you prepared if the world does end?
Yes, I am prepared.
No, I am not prepared
Prepared for what?
I don't know, I haven't given it much thought.
How will the world end?
A huge asteroid, meteor, comet, of space object will destroy everyone.
Space aliens will exterminate everyone.
Robots from the future will exterminate everyone.
A huge volcano will kill every living person.
The sun will explode and vaporize earth.
A blackhole will suck the entire earth into it and will become aprt of that blackhole.
Nuclear war.
A virus, plague, or bacteria will kill everyone.
The end time prophecy in the bible will happen.
World War 3.
Earth will be flooded.
Everyone dissappears for no reason.
Some other natural disaster.
I have no idea.
When will the world end?
Less than 1 year.
1-10 years.
10-50 years.
50-100 years.
100-500 years.
1000-10,000 years.
10,000-100,000 years.
Over millions of years from now.
Over billions of years.
Who cares I'll be dead.
The earth will never end.
I have no concern.
If the world did end soon and you died, do you think there will be life after death?
Yes, I'm going to Heaven.
Yes, I'm going to Hell.
Yes, somewhere else.
Yes, I'll begin a new life as an alien creature.
No, that's it. You're gone. Bye-bye.
Yet again I have no idea.
Will someone save you from the end of the world if it happened soon?
Yes, I'll be raptured and meet Jesus the Christ.
Yes, but after I endure tribulation.
Yes, Buddha will save me.
Yes, some other God.
Yes, aliens will save me. They're so nice!
Tom Cruise.
No, I'm toast.
I have no clue.
This poll was created on 2007-12-06 08:48:56 by Biblejunky2