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American Idol All-Stars

If American Idol were to have an All-Star season, who would be in it? Vote for who you think is deserving of a spot, whether or not it's because they were among the best singers or because they had the most dynamic personalities.
Which of the following contestants from SEASON 1 would you put into All-Stars?
Kelly Clarkson
Justin Guarini
Nikki McKibbin
Tamyra Gray
R.J. Helton
Christina Christian
Ryan Starr
A.J. Gil
Jim Verraros
EJay Day
Which contestants from SEASON 2 would you nominate?
Ruben Studdard
Clay Aiken
Kimberley Locke
Josh Gracin
Carmen Rasmusen
Kimberly Caldwell
Rickey Smith
Corey Clark
Julia DeMato
Charles Grigsby
Vanessa Olivarez
Season 3?
Fantasia Barrino
Diana DeGarmo
Jasmine Trias
LaToya London
George Huff
John Stevens
Jennifer Hudson
Jon Peter Lewis
Camile Velasco
Amy Adams
Matthew Rogers
Leah LaBelle
Season 4?
Carrie Underwood
Bo Bice
Vonzell Solomon
Anthony Fedorov
Scott Savol
Constantine Maroulis
Anwar Robinson
Nadia Turner
Nikko Smith
Jessica Sierra
Mikalah Gordon
Lindsey Cardinale
Mario Vazquez
Season 5?
Taylor Hicks
Katharine McPhee
Elliott Yamin
Chris Daughtry
Paris Bennett
Kellie Pickler
Ace Young
Bucky Covington
Lisa Tucker
Kevin Covais
Melissa McGhee
And of course, what about our beloved Season 6?
Jordin Sparks
Blake Lewis
Melinda Doolittle
LaKisha Jones
Chris Richardson
Phil Stacey
Sanjaya Malakar
Haley Scarnato
Gina Glocksen
Chris Sligh
Stephanie Edwards
Brandon Rogers
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