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Are girls superior to boys?

I am a 15 yeard old boy and all my life since I was a child I noticed that girls seems to be better, stronger and smater over coming us boys. I want to know what people think about it.
Are you a girl or boy?
What's your age
under 10
over 30
A equal number of girls and boys are taking a intelligence test. Who would score higher?
Girls must overcome boys
Girls would beat boys by near
boys must overcome Girls
boys would beat Girls by near
they would score equal
If Girls are going to get the higher scores, what's the reason?
Girls are smarter
Girls are more attentive
boys are absent
In a co-ed competition in sports, who would win more matchs?
Girls, because they are stronger
Girls, because they are smarter
Girls, because they have more pain threshold
boys, because they are stronger
boys, because they are faster
there will be a draw
Who are stronger?
Girls, fighiting against boys, will you win?
Yes, i'm gonna kick them all
Yes, boys superestimate their strenght
Yes, but it won't be easy
No, but i won't lose
No, boys are stronger
boys, are you afraid of Girls' strenght?
Yes, Girls are stronger than boys
Yes, because Girls are smarter
Yes, because Girls are superior to boys in everyway
No, i'm confident
Girls, do you like to humiliate boys?
I love it, I would beat them in everything
Girls are just superior, is funny seing boys scared
It's a hobby for me and my girlfriends *giggles*
In which waydo you like to humiliate them?
By torturing their balls and wiener... and laughing
By dressing them like girls
By spanking them in the front of their friends
By undressing them and making jokes about heir manhoods
boys, what do you think about balls?
Nature put them on boys so girls can be in charge
It's a really dis­advantage that boys have
It makes us inferior to girls
It's a really pain, but i can handle
Girls, what do you think about boys balls?
It's the funniest thing about boys (laughs)
I would like to hurt them bad
They are ugly and weak, makes boys ridiculous
I would like to threat I'm gonna cut them and the wiener *giggles*
Everyone, Who is prettier?
Girl - Girls are prettier
Girl- Girls are prettier, but boys are cute too
Girl - boys when i dress them with girls' clothes
boy - Girls are prettier
boys, what's the superior sex?
Girls, what's the superior sex?
Final: What's the conclusion?
Girls are superior - and boys born to serve them
Girls are superior - but boys are independant
Girls are superior - and controll boys by being smarter and hotter
boys are equal - but they will serve Girls anyway
boys are equal - and they are independant
This poll was created on 2007-02-13 21:57:26 by thetoyboy