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Middle Eastern Politics

Vote on the following ME issues
Should Israel pull out of the occupied territories ?
Yes, the occupation is illegal
Yes, the occupation has become to costly
Yes, it's the only way to achieve peace
No, the teritories are a part of historic Israel
No, the occupation is needed to ensure safety for Israel
No, the Palestinians aren't ready for independence yet
Is Syria's influence in Lebanon too great ?
Yes, Syria should keep out of Lebanese politics
No, Lebanon should be part of Syria anyway
No, Syrian influence is the only thing keeping Lebanon from sliding into civil war
Should the US and its allies pull out of Iraq ?
Yes - as soon as possible
Yes - in 1-2 years
Yes - when Iraq is ready
No - Iraq isn't peaceful enough yet
No - the US must stay in Iraq to fight terrorists
No - the US must tay in Iraq to have a regional base
Should Iraq be split up ?
Yes - into an Arab and a Kurdish state
Yes - into a Shia, Sunni and a Kurdish state
No - Iraq should remain united
If Iraq were to split up, what should happen to Baghdad ?
It should be part of the Sunni state
It should be part of the Shia state
It should be a neutral/international territory
It should be another state of its own right
Should Kurdistan become independent ?
Yes, comprising all Kurdish areas of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey
Yes, but only Iraq Kurdistan
No, Kuristan should not be independent
Should the Turkish army pull out of northern Cyprus ?
Yes - the occupation is illegal
No - the occupation is needed to protect Turkish Cypriots
No - the occupation is needed to safeguard the existence of the TRNC
Should Israel give up the Golan heights ?
Yes - in return for peace with Syria
Yes - in return for peace with all neighbours
No - the Golan heights are vital for the security of Israel
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