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How much does the threat of terrorism impact your life?
How concerned are you about terrorism as a daily issue?
I worry about it a lot every day
I worry about it occasionally
It is a constant concern but not worry
I live in constant fear of it
It is a minor concern
I don't think about it much, if any
Do you have any feelings about another terrorist attack?
I don't think there will be another one
There may be one within the next 10 years
Within the next 5 years
Within the next year
Within the next 6 months
There may be multiple attacks at any time
Do you fear terrorists may have nuclear or biological or chemicals of mass destruction?
Not at all
Yes, a lot
Do you think the government is doing an adequate job of protecting the country from terrorism?
They are doing more than they should be
They are doing a good job
They need to do more
How much, if any, personal freedom are you willing to give up if it will help the fight against terrorism? (Multiple answers OK)
Gvt. can read my mail
Gvt. can monitor my computer
Gvt. can stop and search me at random
Gvt. can search my home without court warrant
Gvt. can hold me in jail without filing charges
Gvt. can torture me for information
None of these
Do you think "profiling" is necessary to fight terrorism? Meaning, monitoring people of the Moslem faith, or of Mideastern ancestry, or dark complected people?
I regret it, but it seems necessary
It should be done only with probable cause
It should be done freely, without any hesitation
It should not be done at all
Do you think it is a violation of freedom of religion for the government to monitor the content of religious messages in Mosques?
It is a necessary intrusion, for security
It is not necessary
It is not Constitutional
This poll was created on 2007-10-19 14:17:13 by zag