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giantess power (females only)

It's often been contemplated that the world would be a better with women in charge so come on, what would we do with all those men if they were 3 inches tall?
How much would you like the men of the world to be shrunk down to 3 inches tall (including your husband/boyfriend)?
Very much
Not my husband/boyfriend
Only my husband/boyfriend
Not very much
If men were all this tall, how much would you be willing to pay for one to have as a miniature servant?
What would be your miniature servants main duty?
Cleaning the toilet
Sexual pleasure
Cleaning your boots
Wear him on a brooch/necklace
Use him as a stress ball
Fastened to the wall as an ornament
Sweeping up the floor
If all men were to become 3 inches tall and you found out your husband/boyfriend had been cheating on you, what would you do with him?
Forgive him, punishment enough
Keep him but make him live inside your boot/shoe
Make him lick your boot/shoe clean then crush him like a bug
Microwave him
Boil him in a saucepan of water
Use the toilet with him in and flush him away
Roll him up into a cigarette and smoke him
Sell him as a servant to someone else
Eat him
Lend him to your friends and let them punish him
Do you think men would still be able to roam free or do you think they would be treated like bugs and squashed under womens feet?
Roam free
Treated like bugs
What footwear would you prefer to wear to squish them with if you knew you might come across some tiny men?
Stiletto shoes
Knee high stiletto's
New rock boots
If you were to crush a shrunken man with any part of your body how would you do it?
Sit on him
Place him between your cleavage and squeeze
In your fist
Under your foot
Between your thighs
Between your teeth
What is your age group?
Up to 20
This poll was created on 2007-10-24 19:01:24 by arielesque