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Steve Marriott vs. Rod Stewart

Both of these guys had beautifully scratchy sandpaper growls that were very similar (not to mention they both performed with the same people (i.e. faces/small faces)) and while both have very similar voice types its up to you the public to decide who is better (if you don't know who either of these guys are look up Humble Pie, Small Faces, Faces, and the Jeff Beck Group these guys were lead singers in those bands) Two of the greatest vocalists of all time.
Which band is better?
Small Faces (Marriott)
Jeff Beck Broup (Stewart)
Who has a better voice?
Steve Marriott
Rod Stewart
Better Band?
Humble Pie (Marriott)
Faces (Stewart)
Better Song?
I Don't Need No Doctor (Marriott)
Stay With Me (Stewart)
Better Lead Guitarist that worked with Lead Singer?
Peter Frampton (Marriott)
Ron Wood (Stewart)
Better Album?
Ooh La La/Faces (Stewart)
Smokin'/Humble Pie (Marriott)
Better Song?
Ooh La La/Faces (Stewart)
30 Days in the Hole/Humble Pie (Marriott)
Who Had better and more respectable solo career
Steve Marriott
Rod Stewart
Who is better live?
Jeff Beck Group or Faces (Stewart)
Small Faces or Humble Pie (Marriott)
This poll was created on 2007-08-26 18:53:48 by QX59