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Which is the better brand
Do you believe that WWE is fake
No but it is scipted (they plan who wins each fight)
If the WWE is fake does it take away from the entertainment?
Yes, I wanna watch a real fight
No, every movie is acted out and I still watch them
In the UFC every match is the exact same however in WWE there is variety such as ladder matches and even 2v2s. Do you think UFC would be more entertaining if they had more types of matches.
No, UFC is perfect, each champion has his own fighting style that might change wheather it is a boxing or a wrestling match.
Yes, i think a bit of varety would be good for UFC
If WWE ledgend Stone Cold Steve Austin (at his prime) had a street fight Matt Huges (at his prime) who would win?
Steve Austin wins no contest
Matt Huges, hands down
Steve Austin might scrape away a win.
Matt Huges woiuld barely be victorious
The WWE has been around longer than UFC and already had time to build an empire before UFC started. Do you think it's only a matter of time before UFC has an empire of its own?
Yes, and when UFC builds an empire it will make WWE's come crashing down
UFC will never be as big as WWE
Yes, and UFC and WWE will be about the same size.
In the UFC a lot of matches happen on the ground. Even though both fighters are working hard, the viewers don't see a lot of things happening, does this take away the entertainment?
Not at all, i love watching them wrestle.
Yes, its kinda boring when the fight isn't stand up
I don't think that many fights do end up on the ground.
In both UFC and WWE each fighter has his entrance music. However, in WWE the music can be whatever where as in UFC they are all real tracks by real artists.
WWE should make superstars use real tracks
UFC should allow fighters to make there own tracks
It is fine the way it is.
Finally the question most people probably came here to answer. You turn on the TV, WWE is on channel 3 and UFC is on channel 7 you...
Watch channel 3 (WWE)
Watch channel 7 (UFC)
Yawn and turn off the TV
Did you think i was bias in this poll?
Yes you seem to favore WWE
Yes you seem to favore UFC
No, you were unbias
Rate my poll. 5 is highest. 1 is lowest
1 *
2 **
3 ***
4 ****
5 *****
This poll was created on 2007-08-26 10:49:19 by winter2006