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Reality or Hoax?

This is poll to measure you believes things without seeing, who's spectical, and who says maybe it's real
Do you believe God exists
yes the bible is proof
no it's all a con to control people
yes someone had to creat us and our world
nope I believe in evolution or this
do you believe in the lochness monster
yes because of the pictures
are u kidding those pictures aren't clear
they could easly be fakes
I will believe it when I see it
there is no way a creature could live
alone in the loch for that long
do you believe in big foot aka Sassquatch
I will believe it when I see it
yep the is video footage of him
are you kidding that video so called is
probably someone in an ape-suit
no big foot is the dumpest thing I ever heard
do you believe in flying saucers
yes they are top secret military craft
yes they come from another galaxy
absolutely not they're all hoax and stories
yes some are government experiments and
others are from the unknown
what do u think creates crop circles
hoaxsters with boards on ropes
visitors from the unknown
paranormal weather phenoemina
all of the above
This poll was created on 2007-07-08 23:31:24 by sapphire eyes-fighting irish