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What did the petshop tell you when you bought your reptile?

This poll is mainly for water dragon owners but anyone who has purchased a reptile from a pet store may repond to the poll. This poll is an effort to determine if the pet store did a good job in telling you what kind of care your reptile needed, and if they sold you, or tried to sell you, all of the items and or food supplies that you needed to set your new pet up properly.
If you bought a care booklet at the store was the information in the book up to date?
Was the care information that the store gave you correct for this species?
Yes, it was correct
Most of the info was correct
Some of the info was correct
Most of the info was wrong
All of it was wrong
Did the pet store tell you how to take care of this animal?
They gave me very basic information
They gave me very detailed care information
Did the store suggest you buy a care booklet for this species?
When you dedided to purchase your pet was it:
Bought after careful research
Bought after only a weeks thought
An impulse buy
A rescue
Are you new to reptile keeping?
Yes, this is my first reptile.
I have some experience but I'm fairly new.
No, I have quite a bit of experience in keeping reptiles.
Overall, are you satisfied with your Pet Stores services and their staff? Check as many as apply:
yes the whole store gets an A
The store clerks are very knowlegable
The store clerks don't know enough about reptiles
Their reptile selection is quite good
Their animals are healthy
Their animals are kept properly
Their animals are usually sickly or injured
There animals are usually kept in poor conditions
The store gives out free care sheets
The staff is willing to listen to care info for reptiles
The store is willing to make changes if something is wrong
The manager or staff refuses to listen to reasonable complaints about animal con
The animals are overcrowded
The animals are kept in multi-species displays
The animals are housed in roomy enclosures
The store has a good selection of food items for my pet
The store often only has one type of food item for my pet
If you were to rate the store that you go to most often, how would you rate it?
Excellent all round
Somewhat satisfactory
Fails on all accounts, it's bad!
If the store sold you an enclosure for the animal was it an appropriate size for the animal?
If the store sold you an aquarium to house your pet in- what size what the tank?
5 gallon
10 gallon
20 gallon
30 gallon
50 gallon
70 gallon
100 gallon
larger size
Don't know size
Did you purchase a substrate (bedding material) at the store for your new pet?
If you purchased a substrate suggested by the store have you since found out that it is suitable or unsuitable for your reptile according to popular belief?
Not sure
It is suitable
it is unsuitable
Did the pet store sell you a basking light for your reptile?
Did the pet store tell you what temperatures to keep the animal at during the day?
Yes, they gave me the correct temps
Yes, but it was not correct
No they didn't tell me
Did the pet store sell you a thermometer or other type of temperature and or humidity gage?
Did the pet store sell you a UVB producing florescent tube?
I don't know what UVB is!!!
Yes they said I needed it
Yes when I asked about it
No they told me I didn't need one
No they never mentioned one
No they told me this species doesn't need UVB lighting
If you were not sold a UVB florescent tube, have you since found out that your reptile requires UVB lighting?
Yes it does need UVB
No it really doesn't need UVB it's a nocturnal reptile
Did the pet store sell you any heating equiptment other than a basking light? Check as many as apply:
ceramic heat emiter (CHE)
Under tank heating pad
Night or moon lights
Hot rock
Sizzle stone
Heat cave
heated basking branch
rehostatic temp control
Biostat thermomoregulator
Helix system
Did the pet store sell you fixtures for any lights that you purchased? Check as many as apply:
clamp lamp for basking light
ceramic fixture for ceramic heat emitor
fixture for florescent tube
Hood that holds basking light and florescent tube
Did the pet store offer a custom cage service or sell special "made for reptile" enclosures? Check as many as apply:
custom designed cage
other special commercially produced reptile cage
Not at all
Click here if you purchase a checked item
Did the pet store tell you how large the reptile would get as an adult? Check as many as apply:
Yes they informed me
Yes and they told me I'd need a larger cage in the future
They told me it would stay small in a small cage
No I had no idea
Did the pet store tell you anything about the reptiles behaviour, personality or possible aggressive nature?
Yes they told me my iguana could become aggressive during breeding season
Yes they told me that my reptile might not always act tame
they told me my animal would always be quite tame
No they didn't tell me anything
Now that you know more about your reptile, was anything that they told you about your reptiles personality true?
No, they told me it would be quite tame but I've found this species can be aggre
Yes what they told me was correct
Did the pet store tell you the correct diet needs of your pet?
Yes they told me my reptile was a carnivore (monitor, many snakes) and told me t
Yes they told me my pet was an omnivore (bearded dragon, water dragon) and told
Yes they told me my reptile was a vegetarian (iguana, some skinks, some tortoise
No they didn't tell me anything
They gave me incorrect information
Was your reptile in good shape, healthy and seemed to have been kept properly in the store?
Yes it was in extremely good health and the conditions in the store were very go
Yes it was in good shape but the conditions in the store weren't the best
No it was in poor shape but the conditions in the store were good
No it was in bad shape and the store conditions were very poor
Did the pet store advise you to take your reptile to a reptile vet for a check up shortly after purchase?
Are you satisfied with the items you bought at the store for your reptile?
Yes I was sold the correct products
Yes but I needed more items that they didn't tell me about
No I went home with mostly wrong items for my reptile
This poll was created on 2000-02-26 21:10:14 by dragonden