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How smart is your dog? (test with results)

Is your dog a Lassie or a plain old Rover. When you check the one that describes your dog add the points together to see how your dog scores. You can use notepad or a paper and pen(cil)
How old is your dog? (in regular years)
10 or more
What gender is your dog?
Male 1 point
Female 1 point
What kind of dog do you have?
Teacup 0-4 pounds
Toy 4-20 pounds
Medium 20-50 pounds
Large 50-80 pounds
Giant 80 pounds or more
When you say the name of your dogs favorite food do they run to the fridge?
Yes, they run excitedly to the fridge in anticipation of good food +5
Yes, they walk patiently to the fridge and wait +6
No, they just lay there +0
You get out the collar and leash to take your dog for a walk. What does she do?
She runs to the door! She is ready to go! +5
She comes to me to let me put her collar on then walks patiently with me to the door +10
She lays down and shuts her eyes +0
She hides +5
You take your dog for a walk off-leash. How does he act?
He walks beside me +10
He runs beside me +10
He walks close to me +7
He runs close to me +7
He chases everthing +0
He acts up when off lease +0
The pesky cat keeps coming inside through the dogs door but gets on the counters and into stuff. You yell "Here kitty kitty." What does your dog do? skip this question if you don't have a cat.
Runs to the kitchen because she knows "here kitty kitty" means the cats in the house +10
Looks around slightly confused +2
Lies there +0
Is your dog potty-trained? Check answer 2 if your dog is fully pad trained.
Yes-fully housetrained, only goes outside +10
Yes-fully housetrained, goes outside and inside on paper or training pad +10
Yes-mostly house trained +5
Yes-sorta house trained +2
Goes to the bathroom wherever she feels like it +0
Goes in the house only -1
Has your dog ever saved your life?
Yes +20
No but he protects me +10
No +0
This poll was created on 2007-03-12 00:11:47 by leftrightleft