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What do you think about zoos?

They are bad or good? Millions like the zoos, millions reject them... Why?
What do you think about zoos?
They are outdated, the animals suffer from living there
They are outdated, it is extravagance only
Many of us accept them, which justifies their existence, but it is not good for the animals
If they provide convenient living conditions for the animals, they are good and useful
They are absolutely good and useful
I am not interesting to them
Which are the main tasks and aims of the zoos (you can mark more answers)?
Scientific education
Education of animal protection and conservation
Scientific research
Increasing their income to help their municipality
Through their tourist attractiveness they increase the income of their home regions
Keeping endangered species for saving and breeding them
Helping the reintroduction of endangered species to their original habitats
Working as a wild life rescue center of their region
Working as a sanctuary for pets
Receiving and keeping further confiscated animals
There should be one aim only: dissolving!
Who should support, maintain the zoos mainly?
The state, because the zoos have important role in education and conservation
The cities, because the zoo belong to them
The visitors, because the supporter of the zoos should be the same who accepts and likes them
Sponsors, because they should donate the zoos
Private owners (firms), because it is a business
Nobody, then the zoos would be disappeared.
How many zoos would you need?
Only one in every state or country
Much less than now
Equal to the present number
A little more than now
Much more than now
What is your opinion of animal life in zoos?
They suffer in zoos in any case
Although it is possible to improve their living conditions a little, they never be happy in zoos
They can feel well in sufficient living conditions
Less care would be enough for the animals, sometimes a zoo spends much money on an animal than our state on a human
The animals can’t feel as humans, it does not matter how we keep them
What should we do with the zoos, which keep animals in insufficient conditions, but the did not have money to change the situation?
The animals suffer in all of the zoos, so we should close all zoos
We should close these bad zoos
We should move the suffering animals to good zoos, without them the bad zoo could operate further
The state should help these zoos to improve their keeping conditions
The city government should help these zoos to improve their keeping conditions
Nothing, there are worse things in the world…
What do you think about the role of the zoos in conservation (you can mark more answers)?
It is a deception, the animals are kept in zoos for attracting visitors only
Because the zoos can’t provide good living conditions for animals, the conservation work in zoos is senseless
The animals can’t breed well in zoos
The zoo born animals can’t be introduced to the wild
The zoo workers don’t have sufficient knowledge for conservation work
It is unnecessary, because zoos can work very few endangered animals only
There is no need to keep and breed animals ex situ (out of their habitats)
The conservation work in zoos is very expensive, we should the money for more useful aims
Extinction of species is a natural process, it is nonsense to work against it
We need for it, because people can get to know the problems of endangered species in zoos
It is useful, because we can get to know more about the biology of endangered species, more than in wild
It is useful, because the people would support the conservation after getting know the problems in the zoos
It is useful, the zoos have already saved many endangered species
It is useful, because presenting the rare and endangered species can increase the income of the zoos
First, we should protect the species in their natural habitat, but sometimes it is impossible (for example habitat loss), the conservation work is zoos can be useful
The zoos should keep endangered species only
Have you ever been to a zoo in abroad?
If you go to a city as a tourist, do you go its zoo too?
Sometimes, if there is no better choice
Its depends on the quality of the zoo (as I know it)
Which animals wouldn’t you let keep in zoos (you can mark more answers)?
Every animal
Wild born animals (except the handicapped animals)
Dangerous animals
Protected animals in my country
Endangered animals
Big carnivores
I would let keep every animal in a good zoo, in sufficient living conditions
I would let keep every animal in zoos
What should be the alternative of zoos?
There is no alternative, nothing can be comparable to meet living animals
Who want to meet wild animals, they should go to their natural habitat
The nature films
We should install cameras in their habitats, so we could see them through Internet
Books with colour photos
There is no need for alternative. We shouldn’t disturb animals, then they could live their life without human. Nobody has died of not seeing a giraffe…
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