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Which teen startlet's movie could most use a spanking scene?

Ok, this was a tough poll to setup. I debated on how to handle the question, and actually wanted to use movies where spankings were truly deserved but assumed people would vote on the name anyway, and rather than put Rachel Leigh Cook in Eighteenth Angel a movie most of you probably haven't seen but truly might warrant a spanking, I tried for a combination deserved/exposure for the film. *Vote away and visit the TV spanking poll as well* (Keywords : teen starlets movie spank spanked spanking celebrities )
Pick the movie/starlet of choice! Please make exactly 2 choices
Ali Larter - House on Haunted Hill - Sara
Anna Paquin - Walk on the Moon - Alison
Ariana Richards - Jurassic Park - Alexis
Dominique Swain - Lolita - Dolores
Eliza Dushku - Bring It On - Missy
Jena Malone - Cheaters - Jolie
Jessica Biel - Ulee's Gold - Casey
Katherine Heigl - My Father The Hero - Nicole
Katie Holmes - Teaching Mrs. Tingle - Leigh Ann
Kirsten Dunst - Bring It On - Torrance
Lacey Chabert - Lost In Space - Penny
Larisa Oleynik - 10 Things I Hate About You - Bianca
Leelee Sobieski - Deep Impact - Sarah
Liesel Matthews - Air Force One - Alice
Mena Suvari - American Beauty - Angela
Michelle Williams - Halloween H20 - Molly
Natalie Portman - Anywhere But Here - Ann
Rachel Leigh Cook - She's All That - Laney
Reese Witherspoon - Fear - Nicole
Amy Smart - Varsity Blues - Jules
Marisa Coughlan - Teaching Mrs. Tingle - Jo Lynn
Selma Blair - Cruel Intentions - Cecile
Did you vote on the starlet, or do you feel the spanking was deserved?
Truly deserved
Little of both
Did you enjoy this poll, and are you going to go vote on the TV version in the Television section?
Yes, going now!
No, not interested.
Yes, and already voted on TV version.
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Male - 12 or under
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Male - 18 to 24
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Male - 35 to 44
Male - 45 to 54
Male - 55+
Female - 12 or under
Female - 13 to 17
Female - 18 to 24
Female - 25 to 34
Female - 35 to 44
Female - 45 to 54
Female - 55+
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This poll was created on 2001-07-01 19:21:15 by jdisalo