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A poll for young adult females ONLY!

Just wondering...
Which guy would you prefer?
A guy who is sweet and protective. Who loves you for who you are. However he is overweight but not ugly.
A guy who pays more attention to himself. Who loves you but doesn't show it as much. He is of average weight and overly attractive.
If a guy who was somewhat overweight approached you, he seems sweet and funny and tells you he thinks you're cute, and he asked you for your number (assuming you're single), what would you do?
Give him your number
Tell him you have a boyfriend
Give him a fake number
Tell him you're not interested
Ask for his number instead (with intentions to call)
What is attractive to you in a guy?
Blue Eyes
Green Eyes
Big, Sexy Lips
Somewhat Muscular (And a little overweight)
Short Hair
Long Hair
Facial Hair
Would you go out with a guy that was sweet, nice and funny but overweight?
What makes a guy seem too nice? (Assume of course that you're not dating the guy, he's interested in you and you are single.)
When he calls you all the time
When he leaves you a ton of voice messages a day
When he compliments you all the time
When he tells you he would do anything for you
When he spends a lot more on you than himself
Which of these two guys would you be more likely to date?
5'10", 250lbs (a beefy kind of 'big'), med-long brown hair, deep blue eyes, sweetheart, very creative.
6'3", 160lbs, short blonde hair, light green eyes, sweet guy, a workaholic.
Which is MOST important to you when deciding to date a guy?
That he is very attractive
That he is funny, sweet and confident
That he has a car & a high paying job
That he likes you for who you are
If a guys is sweet, funny and has a good personality, how important are his looks?
Very, makes or breaks it for me
A lot, not a high importance, but needed
Doesn't matter, as long as he's at least somewhat attractive
I don't care at all as long as he's not an asshole
What do you think about guys that aren't looking to get into a girl's pants? (Not the players that pretend, but when it's true)
They are few and far between
There is no such guy
There's something wrong with him
He's the guy for me
How is it he's single?
This was a poll to help me understand how girls think and how they would see me. So was it a waste of your time to help me out?
There's something wrong with me
This poll was created on 2006-12-07 11:16:50 by whitedragon22na